What To Leave With Your Pet When Boarding

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Thanks to boarding services, pet owners can grab a few days away on vacation or a work trip. You’re probably so excited to pack for yourself and anyone else in your household that you forgot to pack your dog’s items to take with them. The facility will encourage you to bring additional items from the home to make an enjoyable experience for your dog. Read on to understand what to leave with your pet when boarding.

Medicine and Supplements

Many dogs take specific supplements and medication daily. Staff at the boarding facility will administer their dosage as needed. Include the appropriate dosage and written instructions with valuable details regarding their schedule and dosage amount.

Include any emergency medications in case an existing ailment is triggered, as being in an unfamiliar place can do this for dogs.


Dogs typically have one to two different types of food they enjoy. You know how troublesome introducing a new kind of food to your pup can be on their appetite and stomach. Your dog may already feel unsteady in an unfamiliar place, so you want to keep other aspects as close to normal as possible.

Provide the facility with enough food to cover your dog’s stay. The staff will know if your pup feels nervous or stressed by how much food they’re eating. Include directions regarding how much food they should receive at each meal.

Documents Facility Requires

These documents could include medical records, contracts, rule acknowledgment forms, and vaccination charts. If you have any questions, contact the boarding facility.

Favorite Toys

Dogs typically have a favorite toy they can’t live without, even for a couple of days. Many boarding services fill their facility with a plethora of toys for all of the dogs to enjoy. Pack up one or two different toys to ensure your dog has a special treat to remind them of home and keep them comfortable.

Reminder of Home

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” This quote is as valid for pets and their owners as it is for humans. No matter how much fun your dog is having, you’ll surely miss each other.

Another item to leave with your pet when boarding is a blanket, sock, or shirt with your scent. This idea will help to keep your dog feeling close to you. It’s a fantastic way to help your pup feel calm and comfortable while apart from you for a few days.