Ways to Make Your Dog Comfortable During a Road Trip

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We can’t deny that we’re ready to get out of the house, even if we are locked in our homes with our dogs. Luckily, we’ll get through this COVID-19 outbreak, and get back to normal eventually. That said, why don’t you plan a little car ride getaway with your dog? Check out these ways to make your dog comfortable during a road trip.

Plan to take breaks

If you’re taking a shorter trip, you might not need to plan breaks, but longer trips definitely require some stretching and fresh air. A general rule of thumb to remember is after three or four hours you should take a break for at least fifteen minutes. Taking a break is good for both you and your furry passenger. Depending on your dog, they may need to run off some steam, so plan on bringing a ball, frisbee, or whatever they like to chase. You may even be able to find some free dog parks along the way!

Create a space for them to relax and enjoy the ride

Obviously, we’re trying to create a comfortable environment for your dog; that includes the ride itself and also the temperature, food, water, and more. Some dogs really love to stick their head out the window and feel the air flap their ears around—which is adorable. However, letting your dog stick their head out the window can be dangerous, so we’d suggest leaving the window open just a crack. If your dog prefers to lay around and nap, you might want to consider bringing a crate with some blankets for them to rest in.

Get some car-friendly accessories

There are so many toys and gadgets you can buy for your car to keep your dog entertained and comfortable. If your dog wants to be by the window, a dog seat belt might be a wise investment. The seat belt will keep them safe and secure, but it’ll also keep your dog from trying to play with you while you’re driving. Another great accessory is a car-friendly water bowl because you don’t want to make them wait until the next break if they’re thirsty.

Make sure your car rides smoothly

Just like humans, some dogs can get road sick if the ride isn’t very enjoyable. Now, we can’t really help if your driving is the reason the ride isn’t smooth—somebody else will have to take on that responsibility. However, sometimes your car merely needs new tires or brakes. You should do a general maintenance check before taking a road trip anyway. Luckily, tires don’t have to break the bank.

If you take the time to make your dog comfortable during a road trip, your trip will be much more enjoyable, and your dog will thank you, too! We know it’s an uncertain time, but give yourself some hope by planning a road trip with Fido.