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Ways To Help Calm an Anxious Dog During Car Rides

Ways To Help Calm an Anxious Dog During Car Rides

Dog anxiety is natural, and it’s not easy to watch your dog suffer. There are many reasons why they could suffer, including going for a car ride or being home alone. But we’re going to provide ways you can help them out. These are some ways to help calm an anxious dog during car rides.

How Can I Help My Dog Enjoy Car Rides?

There is a simple series of exercises to help desensitize your dog to car rides. It’s crucial to acclimate your dog to the car slowly.

Once your pup seems comfortable in the car, take them for short trips like to a local dog park or a ride around the block. You can utilize the same location each time, but vary the route making each trip longer.

Pro Tip

Pay attention to your dog’s triggers while traveling, and do your best to avoid them. If your dog doesn’t appreciate rumble strips, prepare to give your pup a treat after going over them.

How To Help Keep Them Calm

You can utilize many effective strategies before and after car rides to help keep your dog calm:

You want to make your dog feel as safe and comfortable as possible. That’s why it’s essential to bring along your dog’s favorite toys and their dog bed to help with your pup’s anxiety.

Closing Thoughts

If you’ve tried these ways to calm your dog during car rides and they aren’t helping, talk with your vet about possible medications to help calm them down. We only want the best for our fur babies, and it’s tough watching them suffer through anxiety.

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