Ways To Enjoy Your Patio During the Winter

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If you have a patio, you probably spend a lot of time enjoying it during warmer months; however, as the weather outside gets colder, you may migrate indoors. Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that you have to avoid your outdoor living spaces. With some careful planning, there are ways to enjoy your patio during the winter.

Strategic Plants, Curtains, and Covers

A patio that is entirely open to the elements may be chilly. A pergola or patio shade can provide shelter from snow or rain, and you can put long curtains down around the sides. Alternatively, you can create a wall of shrubs to help provide shelter from cold winter breezes.

A Fire Pit or Space Heater

By heating your space, you can help make it cozier in those cold winter months. The good news is you can find several options to keep your patio nice and toasty, such as a fireplace or space heater. Additionally, many people will opt for fire pits; however, there are a few things to consider before selecting a fire pit for your yard. All three options can be incredibly effective tools to turn that frigid winter air into a comfy outdoor gathering. Plus, the fire can double as extra light during those early winter nights.

Cook Outdoors

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that you need to stop grilling outside. Grilling is an absolutely delicious way to cut down on the indoor mess and enjoy your patio in the winter. If you cook outdoors, you will already be warming up the space, which can encourage your family or friends to venture out and enjoy the outdoor space.

Warmer Furniture and Blankets

If you have a comfy patio, you likely have some patio furniture already. Metal patio furniture works well and doesn’t accumulate wear and tear as quickly as other types, but it’s also not very winter-friendly. You can help keep everyone more comfortable by adding cushions to your furniture or providing a basket of comfy, fluffy blankets by your door to grab as they walk out.

Add Extra Lighting

Another common complaint about winter is how early it gets dark. In some areas, it can be dark by 5 p.m., which can make hosting outdoors dreary. Consider adding extra string lighting to help make the space more inviting when the sun starts going down.

Add a Hot Tub

Another great way to enjoy your patio during the winter is by adding a hot tub. These can be a great way to prevent the space from getting too cold for guests. You and your friends can enjoy a hot tub even when snow is falling. It can be a relaxing way to marvel at the beauty of winter without sacrificing warmth or comfort.