Wall Decoration Ideas For Integrated Kitchen and Dining Room

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The trend of integrated kitchen and dining rooms has picked up fast and is becoming very popular among modern families. It fits best in small spaces and offers you great opportunities for wall decoration too.

With proper wall decor, you can make your room look larger and can create a comfortable space to share your everyday meals.

Here are some exciting wall decoration ideas for your kitchen and dining room combo:

Trending Wall Arts

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When it comes to wall decoration, there is nothing more impressive than a piece of artwork. Wall art decor allows you to convey your personality, decoration tastes, and mood. Wall art gives a focal point to space. Here are some exciting ways for wall art:

Canvas art: Kitchen canvases give an excellent look to the interior and is an affordable alternative to wall decor. Further, these types of art pieces are in trend and lightweight too. You can hang them on any wall of your kitchen’s dining room.

Gallery wall: No matter how big or small your dining area is, the gallery wall looks amazing in this room. You can create a gallery wall by selecting various art pieces of different shapes and styles. The best way is to mix and match the wall arts to create a unique wall decor.

Photo collage: You can make your dining area cozy with a wall of family photos. Hang beautiful framed pictures that tell the story and give the message across. It makes your decor heartwarming and so full of character.

Blend The Colors Properly

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When it comes to wall decoration, you will need to focus on the colors of the dining area wall and artwork. Try to avoid using wall art of the same color as your walls. Choose artwork that complements the colors of your kitchen and dining area.

For example, if the color of your walls is cream, then pick bold colored art pieces for your space. You can hang wall painting with bright and dark colours to make your decoration graceful and pleasing to the eyes.

Mirrors On The Wall


Mirrors are a very popular piece of wall décor as they not only increase the beauty of the space but also make the area look bigger. There are many shapes and sizes available in mirrors that you can choose to hang on the wall of your dining room.

For a contemporary look, consider using grid-lined round mirrors.  

If your space is small or the lighting is low, you can strategically use mirrors. They reflect plenty of light. They also draw the eye and give a focal point to the room.

Floating Shelves


Place potted plants on floating shelves to create a happening space. These shelves look good on any wall and can also help you store things in style.

You can see a variety of designs on floating shelves and choose any that fit your interior. It is a trending wall décor that looks good in every room, be it a kitchen, dining area, bedroom or living room.

Final Words

Give your kitchen and dining space a new look by decorating the walls in style. You can take help from the above ideas to decorate the walls of your home.