Very Common Wedding Day Mistakes

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Being a wedding planner can be extremely stressful. It’s not easy to make someone’s dreams come true, but when you do, it makes the job feel truly special. However, there are some very common wedding day mistakes that planners can run into during the hectic planning period. Keep these mistakes in mind when planning any wedding because, as you may already know, anything can happen during this process. However, with the help of a good wedding planner, anything can be fixed to keep that perfect day intact.

Buying Before Budgeting

Make sure the happy couple has a budget in place before they begin rushing to make purchases such as wedding tuxedoes and dresses. A wedding is an exciting event for couples, so it’s not uncommon for them to jump the gun when it comes to making purchases. Putting together and solidifying a budget should be one of the first things—if not the first thing—you do with clients.

Missing out on Photo Ops

On their wedding day, the couple will obviously be quite busy. That’s why wedding planners need to prioritize things like photos with family and friends for them. Work with the wedding photographer to plan photo ops for the couple throughout the day. Designate a specific area for photos, complete with a backdrop that looks just as festive and joyful as the event itself. Pay attention when setting up this space because there are many factors to consider when choosing backdrops, such as finding the right size for your venue.

Incorrectly Anticipating Who Will RSVP

There’s a very common methodology out there that some wedding planners stick to, which is that 10-15 percent of invited guests will RSVP “no.” While this happens in many cases, it’s not an exact science. When planning a wedding, plan it as if everyone is going to RSVP “yes.” That way, if fewer than 10 percent of invited guests decline, you won’t be ill-equipped for the event.

Not Having a Back Up Plan

When planning a wedding, never assume everything will go completely according to plan. It might, and that would be wonderful, but it’s very common for things like bad weather to interrupt a wedding day. Whether it’s an issue with catering, weather, or audio/video equipment, you should already have a plan B in place.

Now that you have a better grasp of these very common wedding day mistakes, you’re ready to make someone’s special day as special as it can possibly be. As a wedding planner, it’s not just important for you to set up a perfect day. You need to set up a perfect day, think about all the ways it can become a terrible day, and do what you can to prevent those circumstances from occurring. It’s certainly stressful, but once the wedding day happens and you see all those happy faces, it’ll feel well worth the time and effort it took to plan it.