Using CBD Oil for Dogs Arthritis & Joint Pain

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Having a dog can be overwhelming at times. You get so attached to him and consider him as your family member and cannot see them in pain or getting old. But the truth is aging is a natural process and dogs age too, and they can get the same diseases as us. As your dog grows old, he will sleep less and play more, he can get a number of diseases such as joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, anxiety, stress and what not. And as it may sound and seem totally normal because it is just the way old age treats you but there may be an underlying reason of your dog being inactive and unhealthy and that problem can maybe arthritis. Just like human arthritis, canine arthritis can get worse when exposed to wet weather, cold or weight gain. 

What is arthritis? 

It is disease that affects the joints in the body which leads to pain and inflammation in the joint tissue which causes stiffness in affected areas. In dogs, there is a particular type of arthritis i.e. osteoarthritis. 

Causes of arthritis

Osteoarthritis which is also known as degenerative joint disease which is caused by degeneration of cartilage in the joint. Cartilage is a flexible connective tissue and as it degenerates, the bones get exposed and rub against each other which results in painful movements. It mostly occurs in older dogs but dogs in all ages can get it. Canine arthritis is very common. It affects 1 in 4 dogs. 

Symptoms of arthritis

You can know that your dog is suffering from arthritis by several different symptoms such as

  • Irritable – Suffering from arthritis will make them irritable and act differently such as excessive barking etc. 
  • Slow while getting up or laying down – aging does that to everyone. But if they are becoming lazier in running or getting on top of their favorite chair then they may have be suffering from the disease.
  • Limping – even if your dog limps during getting up and then he walks normally, do not ignore this symptom. 
  • Reduced mobility – this is due to the less muscle movement due to the pain they are facing. 
  • Stiffness
  • Sleeping more
  • A lot of panting
  • Inability to jump
  • Reluctance to go on walks
  • Problem with walking
  • Strong aversion of stairs

CBD oil

All natural, non- psychoactive and therapeutic CBD is extracted from hemp and isolated to create CBD oil. Cannabis has been famous in field of medicine but CBD oil has just got everyone’s attention. CBD oil does not contain THC and hence, does not get anyone high. It has loads of benefits and have anti- inflammatory and anti- pain properties which helps in treating diseases like 

  • Stress
  • Joint pain
  • Inflammation
  • Seizures
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Appetite loss
  • Cancer 

CBD oil for arthritis and joint pain

As scientists are still exploring the great benefits and effects of CBD, we are learning how effective it can be in treating canine ailments than other traditional medicines. It is a pain reliever as well as it produces calming effect. 

Reaction of CBD oil with ECS

CBD reacts with endocannabinoid system (ECS) in your dog’s body which treats ailments such as anxiety, seizures, joint pain etc. Because ECS is responsible for maintaining balance in the body. It also regulates inflammatory response. So in arthritis, when inflammation within the joints occurs, endocannabinoid can help the system to get back to normal.

  • A study showed that CBD oil can increase mobility and help relieve the pain if given twice a day according to the weight of the dog.
  • One of the problems caused by arthritis is inflammation which can be cured by CBD oil. IT reduces inflammation and the pain decreases which makes it easier to get the joints loosened up at the same time reducing anxiety which ultimately makes the dog feel a lot better. When they will become active and will start moving and running, it will cause them to loss the extra weight they were gaining during the disease. Do not forget to involve your veterinarian in this process.
  • It also helps the dog in digestion more efficiently by regulating his gut. It increases appetite which gives your dog enough energy to get up and running.

CBD products

There are a variety of CBD oils available such as HolistaPet CBD oil through which you can give concentrated amount of CBD safely to your dog in the form of dog treats. You can easily drop it in the mouth or water or food and has 100% natural ingredients. Try buying the oil that does not have THC in it, but if you buy one which have even a small amount i.e. 0.3% of THC in it then consult your vet first for safety precautions and dosing. 


Many people apply the CBD oil orally. You can combine it with traditional medication and the results you will get will be exceptional. You can out directly into his mouth or if that is not possible then add it to any food or water. CBD oil takes a few hours to work so you need to be patient in order to see the results. There is no specific dosage that you can give to your dog, it all varies from dog to dog. Some will be affected immediately while some will take time. Some will be okay with smaller doses while others will get better with higher ones. So it is all about trying, trying and trying. You can increase the dosage if you think that the amount is not working for him due to its size, breed and weight.


CBD has made lives easier of pet owners. It provides so many benefits and cures diseases that no other traditional medications will be able to cure and there is no downside of CBD oil. It will make your dog’s life who is suffering from joint pain and arthritis, a lot more comfortable by reducing the pain and inflammation. He will get better in no time. Buy CBD Products that your dog can enjoy.