Ultimate Gift-Giving Guide for Your Young Niece or Nephew

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An often-overlooked group for gift-giving is the children of your brother or sister. It can be a challenge to buy something for a kid that isn’t yours. That’s why we’ve put together this ultimate gift-giving guide for your young niece or nephew.

Most gift guides you’ll find online are just a long list of popular toys that season—that’s not ours. Instead, we’ll give you some advice and ideas to utilize how you see fit because gifts should have a personal touch.

See What They’re Asking For

The main reason we don’t want to give you a list of toys is your niece or nephew probably already has one. Whether it’s a list for Santa or one they’ve put together on Amazon, ask their parents what they want this year. Obviously, you don’t have to get them items specifically from the list, but it will at least help you generate some ideas.

Buy Them Something You Can Enjoy Together

While the options for children are endless, the best suggestion we can give you is to get them a toy that everyone can enjoy. The best choice for this is some form of a game, whether it’s a video game or a tabletop one, but you should try to make it something that makes them think of you when they use it. Just be sure that it’s one that everyone can enjoy, though, because nothing is worse than a toy they can only use when you’re there.

Find Them Some Fun Outdoor Toys

Another recommendation for this ultimate gift-giving guide for your young niece or nephew is to get them an outdoor toy. Parents constantly struggle to find ways to get their kids to go outside and play. They’d be more likely to go outside if their favorite aunt or uncle gave them a cool outdoor-only toy.

Of course, tons of toys would work for this, but one of the most unique that will make your niece or nephew excited to go out and play would be an electric ride-on car. Many different types of these exist, so review them all to determine which would be the best fit for them.

Get Them Something From Your Homeland

While you might still have a close connection with Italy, whether you came from there yourself or your relatives did a couple of generations back, there’s a good chance your young niece or nephew don’t. It’s crucial to make sure they know and understand more about their heritage, so getting them a gift that embodies your culture is the best way to do that.

It doesn’t have to come straight from your homeland, but it should at least be authentic. Regardless of whether you made the gift yourself or bought it online, we’re sure it’ll go a long way in helping them feel more connected to their family’s history.