Twenty Perfect Responses to Someone Saying I Love You

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I love you too is a common response to the other person saying she loves you. Let us learn how to respond to I love you. It would prove helpful in several situations where you wish to express your love for the other person. 

  1. Tell you love her even more 

This is an ideal response to their affection for you. She would be happy that you love her back and more. 

  1. Tell her you would like to hear it repeatedly 

This assuring response would tell her that you could hear these three magic words repeatedly from her. 

  1. Tell her you are elated hearing that 

When the other person is aware that his affection for you was recognized by a smile every time, he would smile as well. 

  1. Tell them you are happy that both found each other 

Rather than repeating the same words again, consider giving him something to cherish for the rest of his life. 

  1. Tell them about their importance in your life 

You would make her feel more loved by telling her how important she is in the whole world. 

  1. Tell her about the love in your heart for her 

Telling her about there being so much love in your heart to make her feel more loved. 

  1. Tell her how you would dedicate your life to her 

Your willingness to be with the other person would assure her of more love for life. 

  1. Tell her you would spend your life with her 

You respect her love by agreeing to live with her for life. 

  1. Tell her you would love her more than anyone could ever 

Your response would mean she would always be a priority to you. 

  1. Tell her you are crazy for her 

If you love her madly, do not shy away from such a response. 

  1. Tell her she completes you 

She would know that you look forward to being with her always. 

  1. Tell her that words are short to express your love for her 

It implies that you could not find the best words to express your undying love for her. 

  1. Tell her she melts your heart every time 

Telling her about the positive effect she has on you would be a great thing. 

  1. Tell you love her to the moon and back 

It is a great expression telling her that your love is immeasurable. 

  1. Tell her about your happiness to be with her 

Use the response when you want to tell her that she makes you happy. 

  1. Be surprised about she choosing you of all the people 

Let her know you love her while appreciating her at the same time. 

  1. Tell her about the happiness your heart feels when she says I love you 

Adding a little drama to the truth would only make it interesting. 

  1. Tell her she is the one for you always 

It is the most romantic response for local singles

  1. Tell her how she changes your world into a lovely place 

It implies she completes your world. She would be elated to such a response. 

  1. Tell her you are for her, forever 

You would commit to her even if forever was a short time.