Top Modifications to Make Your Truck Look Tougher


Pittsburgh is a great city for anyone to walk, bike, or ride around. It’s home to many wonderful restaurants, shops, museums, schools, and other places of interest. There are many things to know when handling the Pittsburgh streets, but a major consideration is modifying your vehicle to look tougher and cooler. These top modifications to make your truck look tougher will guarantee every other driver stops and stares in awe.

Lift Kit

One of the most obvious modifications you can do to make your truck look like a monster on the road is a lift kit. Also known as suspension lifts, these raise your ride height between the base of the tire and the axle. While used mainly to improve off-road performance, lift kits enhance your truck’s intensity. Just make sure you abide by the Pittsburgh vehicle regulations when making these modifications.

Tinted Windows

Tinting your windows will add a stoic mystery to any truck you drive. Window film is installed to the interior or exterior surface in automobiles for various reasons. These include heat and glare reduction, thermal insulation, UV filtration, safety, security, privacy, decoration, and styling. Tinted windows are a great addition to any dark truck, as they match the exterior aggressiveness.

Custom Grilles

Custom grilles are another great modification. These are one of the first things other drivers will notice as you approach them from behind. Not to mention, they’re also cost-efficient and simple to implement. You’re free to choose an aftermarket grille that suits your personal style with any rough design, like skulls, animals, or other graphics. Otherwise, consider installing a grille guard to make sure no other cars mess with you on the road.

Lighting Upgrade

Something else to consider is a lighting upgrade. Whether you’re driving your Ford F-150 or another pickup truck, you can opt for different light styles and fixtures, like lightbars, roof bars, and front and taillight LEDs. For instance, if you’re driving a Ford F-150 or perhaps even a Ford Raptor, these lighting upgrades will turn whatever beast you’re driving into a highway powerhouse.

Cover the Bed

While it might come as a surprise, your truck’s bed is one of the best parts to customize. You have many modification options to choose from, like spray-on bed liners, Tonneau covers, and camper shells. These will come in handy when, for example, traveling to Raccoon Creek State Park or Keystone State Park. Your gear is safe and secure with these truck alterations—without diminishing the overall aggressive look.