Top Kid-Friendly Amenities for Apartment Communities

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When you’ve got a family to raise and care for, finding the perfect apartment is difficult due to potentially limited space and the various needs you must fulfill for your kids’ wellbeing. Luckily, apartment complexes have become far more accommodating to families. To prove this dedication to fulfilling your needs, let’s look at the top kid-friendly amenities that apartment communities provide, so you can trust that you’re picking the best space for your family.

On-Site Daycare

This one is huge if you have really young kids. Between your responsibilities as a parent and your responsibilities as an adult—whether that be a job, errands, or any other miscellaneous responsibilities—then you know having a daycare nearby is crucial. An apartment with an on-site daycare would be a tremendous asset to you and provide an enriching space for your kids to play and socialize with other kids their age.


Similarly, a playground is an incredible asset to have at or near your apartment complex. Because apartments are typically a bit cramped for a growing family, your kids need to have a place where they can expend energy and run around, developing their motor skills as they manipulate the world around them and play with other kids. With the COVID-19 quarantine still in effect, an on-site playground is more valuable than ever to give your kids a safe place to play.


Just as many apartments provide a lounge or common room for residents, there are apartment complexes that have begun to add playrooms for kids. These are comfortable spaces where kids can perform activities like puzzles or arts and crafts. It’s a lower energy space than a playground and can be utilized as a learning environment or a relaxed space that just lets your kids get out of the house for a bit.

Reliable Wi-Fi

While typically considered a more general amenity, in an increasingly digital world, a trustworthy Wi-Fi connection has quickly become one of the top kid-friendly amenities for apartment communities. Not only are electronics and internet access becoming ever-more accessible, but your kids have probably moved to online classes while the stay-at-home orders continue. The internet is a powerful learning tool that, when properly utilized, is a fantastic resource for your kids to use—so long as you guide them toward good practices.