Top Free & Fun Things to Do In Singapore For Couples

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For an ex-pat, if you are looking for some excitement and fun while you stay in Singapore, then you can rest assured that there are several things that you can do and enjoy as couples. There are some great activities and free things to do in Singapore, which will keep the fun quotient up, on every occasion.

A leisure cruise

You can indulge in a leisure cruise onboard the Royal Albatross, which is a one-of-a-kind vessel in the entirety of Asia. It is a traditional rig vessel with over 15,000 km of sailing mileage under its belt. The master craftsmen Jim Barry of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie fame designed this ship. You can enjoy a two and a half-hour dinner voyage on smooth seas along Singapore’s southern coast. There are special offers as well, so gather all the information and embark on this leisure voyage.

A VR experience

If you head over to the Orchard Road, then make sure you visit the Sandbox VR for the most impressive virtual reality gaming experience for the entire family. It is a one-of-a-kind immersive VR experience with plenty of missions and game types to keep all gamers happy and engrossed for hours. The prices range from $32 to $45 according to the weekly schedule and public holidays.

Kayak fishing is a great entertainer

If you are looking to enjoy some outdoor activity, then Singapore has some of the best options. Chief among them is Kayak fishing, where you can combine the thrills of kayak rowing and fishing at the same time. The Kayak fishing program allows three different itineraries according to the distances covered. It comes down to how good you are at rowing. Tours are available round the clock and do bring plenty of sunscreen on tour with you to protect your skin.

Enjoy a musical evening with family

If you have always dreamt about playing a tune or learn a new instrument with a few workshop lessons, then you can do just that at the Ritmo Music Studio. Get your kid along to join the Drumming for Wellness program. You can join in as well. There is an eight-week course available along with personalized sessions if you have a specific goal in mind. If you are serious about it, there are several musical classes and instruments to choose from. 

Garden strolling by the bay

There is a gigantic waterfront park with futuristic design elements and plenty of exotic plants, which makes this place ideal for enjoying a leisurely walk. There are individual must-see bits in the garden. The chief among them is the flower dome consisting of Mediterranean flora and the Cloud Forest, a misty wonderland from the tropics, and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. There is a specific toddler zone within the park, making leisure walking even more fun for couples.

Southern Ridge hike trail

If you are a nature lover, then hiking the Southern Ridge trail is the best possible exercise. You can hike from the treetop cover of Mount Faber till the Labrador Natural Reserve. You will be greeted by the greenery and the Singapore urban skyline the entire trail.

These are a few interesting places to visit in Singapore as a couple.