Top Fabrics To Keep You Warm and Cozy This Fall

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Fall lovers know that we’re ready for cozy clothes when the season rolls around. It’s the perfect time to break out those outfits that wrap us like a warm hug. Certain fabrics will help keep you warmer during the fall than others. Below, you’ll discover which materials to stock your closet with or use to sew your new fall wardrobe.


If you want something close to wool that’s not wool, fleece is the fabric you need to try. It contains all the cozy factors with the bonus of softness and a good price point. Not to mention how warm it will keep you. Fleece is the perfect fabric to wear on a snowy day. It will keep you warm and dry without feeling heavy.

You can find fleece in an array of colors and use it to create plenty of different looks. It’s great to keep on hand for a lightweight jacket. Or you can find it in half-zips and pullovers for a quick top layer during chilly fall evenings.

Bamboo Knits

Bamboo knit fabric offers the ultimate in softness and comfort for the fall. It’s an incredibly durable material that’s also antibacterial. Bamboo knits contain moisture-wicking properties, and they’re an eco-friendly and sustainable option. You can feel luxurious this fall with bamboo knits.

Create a few long-sleeved shirts with bamboo knit. These shirts are the perfect underlayer for those nights when the temperature dips.


When you think of the quintessential fall fabric, flannel is usually the first to come to mind. It’s easy to layer, and it adds warmth. Shackets have become increasingly popular in the past few years. These are an excellent way to incorporate more flannel into your wardrobe.

Flannel is the perfect option to wear for a day spent apple picking or an afternoon spent at the pumpkin patch. Plus, you can use leftover flannel fabric to make the most adorable fall throw pillows.

Now that you know of a few fabrics to keep you warm this fall, it’s time to stock up and find materials at a great value to make some new outfits. You’ll be the most stylish person at the pumpkin patch this year.