Top 5 Android apps for creating the most engaging Slideshows, Presentations and, Animations

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Today, you might require a Slideshow, presentation, or animation at any time for reasons whatsoever. You require taking up such assignments for accomplishing assignments at your personal as well as professional lives. Creating these resources is not that simple task as it looks like. You should be ready to put plenty of effort and time, and still, you can find issues in executing your plan. So, where lies the solution to this challenge? Well, you may try to find the best free slideshow maker that will simplify your hassles and hardships in this regard and enable you to create the most appealing and engaging Slideshows, Animations, as well as presentations within the minimum time. Here comes the review of the best apps for androids to develop such resources. 

1. Microsoft PowerPoint 

Developed by Microsoft, MS PowerPoint is among the most popular applications for creating these resources. This application aids users in creating fascinating presentations, featuring a highly interactive graphical interface for the viewers. A highly versatile application that ensures users can establish the most engaging communication with the viewers, PowerPoint helps you to develop smart artworks, and hence, is rated as a highly effective business tool. 

Using this application, you can develop a presentation that secures the maximum engagement with the viewers, and the resources come smart and appreciable. Besides, you can use this application for adding useful shapes to your presentations, while you need to include diagrams in your presentations. 

Coming with a plethora of transition effects, this application enables the users to add audio, video, image, as well as other Multimedia that boosts the presentation. Besides, it allows you to add various animations that give a more appealing and sophisticated touch to the presentation. As such, you can always opt for this app with an open mind, and be assured that you are going to get a fascinating outcome. 

2. Invideo 

Are you looking for the best YouTube video editing app? If so, you will hardly get a better alternative to InVideo. Using this application, you can edit your YouTube Videos, create the best video introductions and invitations, as well as it helps you in customizing ad templates for social media. In addition, the app aids in creating the best Slideshows that will surely produce maximum engagement with the viewers. You can even use this app to develop the best posters for your marketing and advertising purposes. The subscription plans for this app are affordable, and you can expect to get back the best value in return to your money. Besides, the developer has a reputation for offering the most delightful and extensive support services to its users. You will surely love using this wonderful application. 

3. Google Slides 

This is a web-based application developed by Google and was introduced in the year 2005. Since then, the app has been a highly relevant and widely used tool for making business presentations. The best part about this application is that it will save the entire work automatically, and thus, you are spared of the chances of losing the important data. 

This application has been particularly designed to facilitate easy collaboration, as it allows a group of users to work with it at the same time. Workers can go about editing the file on an ongoing basis, and the changes made will automatically come live. In case some mistakes come up, the files can be restored at any time. As such, there are almost no chances for things to mess up. Compared with PowerPoint, where it is almost impossible to add YouTube Videos or links to the presentation directly, here, accomplishing these tasks is very simple. As the files will be saved in the cloud storage, you can access the saved files anytime and from anywhere, and the best part is, this software is available absolutely for free. 

4. WPS Office 

Created by Kingsoft Office Suite, this application features complete compatibility with Microsoft Office. Besides, the application comes with exclusive and unique features like Eye protection mode, features for customizing the presentation as well as tabbed documents. The eye protection mode gives a light green appearance to the screen that comes soothing to the eyes. Available as an Open-source application, it is compatible with all the modern devices. You will find the interface featuring a close resemblance with the Office 2007 suit, and it is highly user-friendly. In addition, it includes the Ribbon concept. 

5. Office Suite PDF Editor + Free Office 

Created by Mobile Systems, this suite drive comes with a massive cloud storage capacity of 15 GB. This application is available on Google Play as well. It comes with highly effective as well as an interactive interface for the users. The software is one of the most coveted and downloaded applications from the Office. The best part is that it is compatible with all the modern communication devices, and it can provide the feature to convert any file to PDF format, as well as restore the converted file automatically. This application impresses users with its robust and foolproof security features. You can avail the application on multiple devices. 

6. PPT & Whiteboards 

This presentation maker application, developed by Mightly Meeting Inc, is one of the most effective options for creating collaborative presentations. You will usually find this application in the meeting rooms, classrooms as well as for hosting online sessions. The key features include PDF Converter, and it is among the most coveted applications for attending meetings. Using this application, one can share Slides as well as develop drawings in classrooms, and also, users can even email the slides to their desired recipients. Again, the software features a comprehensive security feature. 

Reviews about these applications come exceptionally positive. Hence, you can always avail of these applications with good faith. For sure, you can enhance your productivity, as it enables you to design the most engaging content, within the minimum time, and putting the least effort. You are going to have the finest experience with these applications.