Tips for Purchasing Furniture Online

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There is a saying when it comes to buying furniture; “try it before you buy it.” That meant going to the store and sitting in the chair or laying on the bed before taking it home. However, the rise of eCommerce and reputable online furniture retailers is fading that saying away. Today, consumers can find home furnishings and furniture easily on the web. A dose of caution and some tips for purchasing furniture online will help you find a good deal.

The Best Time to Buy

Your couch might be falling apart, leaving you with few options; still, if you can wait, then you should. The best times to buy furniture are in the spring and fall. This is when the latest styles arrive. Major holiday weekends like the Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day are always a good time to find sales. As summer winds down, retailers are looking to unload their summer and outdoor furniture. Take advantage.

Check the Return Policy

One of the best tips for purchasing furniture online is knowing the return policy. Know what that is before you buy anything. What you purchase might be damaged when it gets to your home, the color might be off from the pictures, or there could be missing parts. You don’t want to be on the hook for steep shipping costs for something you don’t want.

Measure the Space

After spending weeks researching and finding the best deal on the perfect sectional sofa, you want to see it in your home. It would be a bummer to pay for something that doesn’t fit in your house. Measure your doorways and measure the space you plan to put the furniture in. Make sure that it will fit in the space and through the front door before buying.

Mind the Shipping Costs

Be sure to check what the retailer charges for shipping. You can usually find the shipping policies in the FAQ section. You don’t want to find a nice piece and then realized there is an additional $100 shipping fee. Lots of online retailers offer free shipping, but they also inflate their prices to make up the difference. Shop around and make sure that you are getting a good price with that free shipping.