Tips for Planning Your Wedding on a Budget

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A wedding can be the happiest day of your life, but it can also strain your bank account. If you want to plan your wedding on a tight budget, we have some helpful tips to make your day magical and affordable.

Think Outside the Box for Venues

The venue takes up a large portion of the budget for most weddings. While you may dream of having your wedding in a magnificent and extravagant setting, you may find that you (and your wallet) enjoy a more affordable, non-traditional venue.

Many people enjoy the intimacy and convenience of having the ceremony in your or someone else’s backyard. Other affordable wedding venues to consider include:

  • Public parks or beaches
  • Libraries or museums
  • Courthouse
  • An Airbnb
  • School or university
  • Performing arts theater

Book Professionals Early

The early bird gets the worm, and the early booker gets the discounts when it comes to wedding planning. Perhaps the best reason to book your wedding videographer or other professional early is that many professionals offer discounted rates for those who book a year or earlier.

If you wait until just months or weeks before the big day, you likely won’t get the professional you want and may have to pay a higher rate for booking on short notice. As soon as you find a venue and set a date, start booking the professional catering, entertainment, and support staff to save money.

Limit the Guest List

The simplest but most often painful tip for planning a wedding on a budget is to limit the guest list. As much as many of us would like to have all our friends and family there to celebrate, every extra guest means spending more money.

Don’t worry; many people discover that they prefer the intimacy of a smaller wedding since it’s easier to manage and means saving money for the honeymoon or buying a house. After all, sometimes less is more!

DIY What You Can

Instead of hiring professionals and paying for services, consider what you and your close friends or family can DIY to save a few bucks. Instead of paying hundreds for glossy invitations, consider making them yourself.

Instead of a caterer, you could cook for the ceremony, especially if it’s a small guest list. Or, instead of paying for centerpieces and bouquets, buy from a wholesale florist and craft them yourselves. If you have friends or family that are photographers, videographers, or musical artists, ask them to pitch in for the ceremony instead of a wedding gift.