Tips for Cleaning Stains From the Seats in Your Car

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You can do everything in your power to keep your car clean, but accidents happen. If you see stains on the seats in your vehicle, you’ll want to fix the problem immediately. Removing these stains can be tricky, but you can get the job done with determination and the right tools. Depending on what the stain consists of will also depend on what type of solution you use to remove the mark on your seats.

Vacuum First

Before you determine whether you need to replace the seat covers in your car, try tackling the stain first to see if you can save yourself that expense. First, take a vacuum and suck up the loose particles before moving forward. Skipping this part and going straight for the stain could cause an even bigger mess.

Try Homemade Cleaning Solutions First

Vinegar, club soda, and baking soda are excellent household products that work great at lifting stains from surfaces. In most cases, professional car detailing services will use vinegar to remove stains because it performs the best—even over some store-bought cleansers. Ensure that you are mixing these solutions with warm water and using the right ratios. Nail polish remover is also a great DIY stain remover for leather seats.

Try Laundry Detergent or Store-Bought Cleansers

When all else fails, use store-bought cleansers or laundry detergent. These cleansers were explicitly made for this type of situation. Laundry detergent will leave the seat smelling fresh and looking brand new too.

Try a Car Detailing Service

If the stains on your car seats are deep-set and impossible for you to tackle yourself, consider taking your car to a detailing service. These professionals can remove the seats entirely and give your vehicle a well-deserved overall deep cleaning. Their expertise may provide a better experience in removing the stains from your car.

Bottom line: do not panic if you see a stain in your car! If you act quickly, you should be able to remove the mess.