Tips and Tricks To Perfect Your Hot Tea

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Drinking tea at different points throughout your day is something many individuals do. Tea for breakfast instead of coffee to get your caffeine fix? Tea for when your friend comes over to chat? Nighttime tea before bed? All of these and more are examples of how drinking tea makes its way into everyday life.

Take that tea to the next level! Here are a couple of tips and tricks to perfect your hot tea for any occasion.

Stay Away From the Microwave

Yes, using the microwave is the easy way… but it is not the way to go. Even though it might be convenient, microwaving your tea won’t result in the tastiest option there is. There is no temperature control when it comes to microwaving your tea—which could result in the water being too hot or too cold. We do not want you to have the wrong temperature and not be able to enjoy your tea.

Add Some Honey

If you want to add something sweet to dilute the bitter taste, honey is the answer. It’s a super easy trick that you can complete only minutes after pouring the brewed tea in your mug. While, yes, you can add a teaspoon of honey to make the tasty drink, you also have more honey options available. If you want something convenient to throw in on the go, organic honey sticks are the answer.

Get Yourself Some Gear

Since microwaving your tea water is not the best option, there is a more efficient way to brew your tea. While you don’t need anything special, having a tea kettle and mug are key elements. Not only will the tea kettle be able to provide you with the perfect temperature brewed tea, but the mug design will also be aesthetically pleasing.

Drinking tea is a staple in many households. Make sure you are following these tips and tricks to perfect your hot tea to provide enjoyment and satisfaction while consuming.