Tips and Tricks for Not Screwing up Your First Date

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Most people associate Italy with romance—and it’s easy to see why. Our language melts hearts and our love songs put a dreamy look in people’s eyes. Unfortunately, our romantic pursuits often end up less like The Betrothed, and more like Romeo and Juliet. And, like Romeo and Juliet, the star-crossed tragedy often begins in Act I. Take fate into your own hands by following these tips and tricks for not screwing up your first date.

Dress for the Venue

Choosing the perfect outfit for a night out has left many a starry-eyed lover frantic before their first date and embarrassed and uncomfortable during it. Take the pressure off yourself by focusing less on dressing flashy and more on dressing for the venue. Going out for drinks calls for more casual dress than going to the theatre. And whatever the venue, avoid wearing clothes with offensive or inappropriate messages.

Keep on Top of the Time

We get it. I-376 traffic makes getting anywhere on time a challenge. Even so, do your best to leave with enough time to arrive a few minutes early. Getting to your date on time shows the other person you’re excited to be there, and getting there late can communicate that you don’t value or respect your date’s time. And if traffic is crawling, make sure you take the time to call or text them about what’s going on.

Watch Your Mouth

Your words can make or break your date’s first impression of you. The best way not to screw up your first date is to keep the following out of your mouth:

  • Excessive cursing
  • Inappropriate or offensive jokes
  • Overly personal questions
  • Provocative comments about your date’s appearance
  • Rude comments (even ones not directed at your date)
  • Stories about previous romantic encounters you’ve had

Even if everything you’ve talked about is relatively harmless, you can still make your date uncomfortable by talking excessively without allowing your date to get a word in edgewise. Remember, conversation is all about give-and-take, and your goal is to learn more about your date, not just make yourself more known.

Respect Their Boundaries

Even if a date goes wonderfully, your date is still just a person you’ve only had dinner with once. In other words, they’re essentially a stranger. Don’t try to push the boundaries the way you might with someone you’ve known for a long time, and don’t think you’re entitled to anything from them. Just enjoy the sweetness of the first meeting and let things grow from there.