Things to Look Out for While Driving in LV

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Las Vegas is undoubtedly a unique city. Known by several names like Sin City or the Entertainment Capital of the World, Vegas does come off as the place to go if you really want to have a blast. As such, it’s not surprising that Vegas is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world.

Now, if you’re coming to town all new and ready to have a memorable experience, it’d help to know what to expect, especially if you’d be driving yourself.

Below is our list of things to look out for when driving in Las Vegas.

Speed Limits

Generally, speed limits aren’t consistent and vary from place to place. Expect different limits in Vegas. Look out for the speed limit signs and adjust to the changes as you go.

In any case, the speed limit is 65 mph at Interstate 15, with varying speeds depending on the stretch of the freeway. You should expect speeds to range from 65 to 35 mph along stretches of Highway 95 and I-15.

Remember, the type of road, traffic, and visibility affect speed limits.

Road Accidents

Las Vegas has busy freeways contributed to by residents and tourists alike.  As expected, the kind of merrymaking LV offers paves the way to driving under the influence. Therefore accidents are not uncommon. 

However, if you get in a crash and are behind the wheel, you’re not allowed to leave the scene until authorities, and emergency responders arrive to take charge of the situation.

If you fail to comply, you’d be risking a 2-year jail term with a maximum of 20 years and up to $5000 in fines.

If you’ve suffered injuries on Vegas roads, consider legal representation by a local personal injury lawyer. Reach out to JT Legal Group to learn how to proceed.


Different states have different rules regarding U-turns. Some have special circumstances that would allow a driver to perform the maneuver.

In Nevada, U-turns are not a big deal, and you are free to perform one so long as you can do it safely.

As for metropolitan areas like Las Vegas, you can only carry out the maneuver at specific exits on a divided highway or intersection. 

Still, like anywhere else, if there’s a sign saying you can’t make a U-turn, well, don’t make one. After all, local jurisdictions reserve the authority to restrict U-turns anywhere at any point.

Distracted Tourists

When driving in Vegas, it’s easy to get frustrated at distracted tourists as they make up a percentage of the pedestrians. It’d help to assume most pedestrians aren’t that familiar with the traffic rules. That way, you can be extra careful.

Also, keep in mind that not all tourists are on foot crossing the streets at the wrong moments. Many have rental cars and can be just as distracted or have difficulties with navigation.

Mostly, it’s not that big of a deal if you stay keen behind the wheel and remember that chances are some of these drivers are driving under the influence. After all, it’s Las Vegas!

If you are also a visiting driver, it will help to familiarize yourself with the local traffic rules.

The Strip

On the stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard is an area lined with world-class attractions of all kinds, from casino resorts to restaurants. This entertainment hub is known as The Strip, and it’s one of the most popular tourist nooks in the world.

You see, Las Vegas can’t be the Sin City we know without The Strip. As such, that area is heavily populated by visitors looking to have fun and try their luck on the famous casino tables of Vegas. You definitely don’t want to drive there.

Unless it’s the early morning hours, the drive down the 4-mile stretch can be a nightmare. Peak hours are no joke, as there are over 40,000 pedestrians on the sidewalks every hour. And with over 35,000 cars passing that street daily, it wouldn’t be very wise to drive, even if you’re passing through. You can take alternative routes instead, like Frank Sinatra Drive.


Whether you’re visiting Las Vegas or just passing through, there are things you should look out for when driving to reduce the chances of encountering problems along the way. Do a bit of research beforehand and familiarize yourself with the city.