Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Right Coffee Beans

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Who doesn’t love coffee? It’s common to see most coffee lovers spending a lot of time researching about different coffee beans, their origin and flavour profiles. However, many of them are often seen disappointed upon taking the very first sip form their brew because the flavour isn’t as good as expected. The process of choosing the right coffee beans is pretty mind boggling and time-consuming. Therefore, to help you find the right coffee beans, below are some factors that you should consider. Afterall, it all ends up at the perfect cup of coffee that takes away all your tiredness. 

Know the Coffee Beans.

As all coffee lovers know, there, basically, are two main types of coffee bean that are sold in the market. The first one, Robusta, has a bitter taste, whereas the other one, Arabica, has a fruity and delicious taste. Let it be clear that both these beans require different growing conditions and the rainfall, climate, and soil conditions etc affect their flavours and aroma. So, it’s no surprise that coffee beans harvested in one country would taste different from the other. 

Determine the Right Amount of Caffeine

Let it be clear that the darkness of a coffee bean is no way related to the caffeine level. When you roast the same bean over and over again, its size and the weight will eventually change, thus reducing the levels of caffeine in it. Robusta plants generally have much higher levels of caffeine in them as compared to Arabica because Robusta plants are generally more resistant to heat as a result of harsher climatic conditions. If you are someone who is looking for a stronger brew, Robusta beans are the best choice for you. 

Select the Right Coffee Roast

When a coffee bean is harvested, it would not smell like your favourite coffee’s aroma, rather it would smell like green pepper. The roasting process basically gives the coffee its real aroma. There stands a huge barrier line between dark and light roasts. If you want coffee with a light and smooth taste, you must go for the light coloured, dry coffee beans because these beans are roasted for a much shorter period of time. On the other hand, if you are someone who prefers a bitter brew, you must go for the dark roasts. You can search speciality coffee beans online and find the best ones there. 

The Coffee Maker You are Using.

Other than understanding the characteristics of a coffee bean, you must also take your coffee maker machine in consideration too. The right coffee making machine can literally make one bean more suitable for you. Let it be clear that different coffee making machines require different methods of brewing, which in turn produces varying flavours. If you don’t understand, compare the taste of the same coffee made from a French press and a drip machine. You would notice the difference definitely. 

With your new speciality coffee Knowledge and understanding, you will know what to search for when you are shopping for the best speciality coffee beans in the UK. The best way to determine what coffee beans work for you will be to taste a broad selection. Sip dark roasts try a fresh variety of beans and listen to whatever makes your taste buds happy.