The Ultimate Guide To Using A Peppermill The Correct Way

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Salt and pepper are considered to be some of the most important ingredients in a recipe that holds the power to either make it or break it. In congruence with that idea, salt and pepper mills were nothing short of a blessing in disguise for chefs and home cooks alike. 

You have always had the option of using a container to garnish the meals, but these mills add the option of grinding the pepper, giving it the extra edge. 

However, you must know how to use and take care of a peppermill after you have used it. In this blog, we will explain the entire process step-by-step. 

Wash the peppermill thoroughly

This one is a no-brainer, but you should take this reminder seriously and ensure to wash everything you buy before you put it to use. 

In this era of the pandemic, we have become even more aware of hygiene and sanitation, and it is something that we should keep as a lesson with ourselves for the rest of our life. 

A great way to ensure a clean grinder is to rinse it with water and white vinegar. 

Putting in the ingredient

This is the part when you turn the mill into a mill that grinds pepper! 

There are three ways to go through with the process: with the help of a spoon, a funnel, or a piece of paper. 

The funnel one appears to be the cleanest way of all the three options, but the rest of the two would get the work done as well. 

After you’ve decided on the medium, all you are left to do is unscrew the head of the peppermill and pour the peppercorns in. 

Grinding level

One of the greatest things about getting a peppermill is that it gives you both the options — you can choose to have a coarse grind or a fine grind as per your wish. 

If you want to have the coarse grind, you need to turn the nut on the top in an anticlockwise direction. On the other hand, if you would like some finely ground pepper, turn the nut in the opposite, that is, clockwise direction. 

However, one important thing to keep in mind is that the fine grind will only leave you with a subtle taste; therefore, if a strong flavor is what you are looking for, you should go for the coarse grind. 

Clean the mill after use

Though it is called a peppermill, it can grind any particular ingredient from salt to sugar. In any case, to make it certain that it is ready to use for another item, you must empty it of its previous component. It would not be enough to just empty the grinder since the taste or the flavor remains. 

Hence, the white vinegar and water solution would again come in handy here. Before you do that, brush the insides to get all the remnants out.