The Trend of Cowboy Hat and Tips to Get the Best One for Yourself

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The trend of cowboy hats dates way back in history, and very soon, it gained popularity in western culture. It has also played a major part in the history of North America and now people in the countryside especially ranch workers, musicians, and farmers wear it for the sake of their heritage. In the 19th century, people drove cattle wearing hats to dodge the sunlight but nowadays it has more of a style and fashion relevance. 

A great add-up to the wardrobe 

Various movie stars and celebrities often wear stylish cowboy hatsin the airport, restaurants, beach, and other media appearances. Therefore, it will not be wrong to say that such hats are a great add-up to your accessory wardrobe. If you are already in love with old-school, macho looks and films based on countryside settings, then you might like having American Hat Company or its collection for yourself. However, you must remember that not every nice hat will suit your face. There are times when some basic-looking hats appear to be great on you. The shape of your face matters a lot. 

Face cut is the key

Whenever you plan to buy a hat, be it at a shop or online, make sure that the first thing you consider is your face cut. If you are present at the store, try on different hats and look whether it suits you well or not. The amazing thing about cowboy hats is how they draw attention towards you, so make sure if people are noticing you, it is for good reasons. If you have an extended and thin face cut, then hats with average height crown may look good on you. On the other hand, people with round shape must consider hats with the smaller crown as it makes them look nice. Trying out different crown sizes first is better; once you know the size, you can easily pick colors and styles.

The material used & hats type

It is very important to have the right material hat, never ignore it. Once you have selected the best-suited hat according to your face, look at the material used in it. Nowadays, along with leather, cowboy hats are also made from wool and straw. Here are the two most popular types of cowboy hats-

  • Felt hats- These are usually made up of leather or wool and look stunning with denim and check shirts. It comes in handy in blocking debris and dust but does not forget to clean them regularly. You might have seen such hats in movies, and these are classic hats. 
  • Straw hats- Such hats are made with straw or materials like them. It is made by sewing the straws together. Unlike the conventional cowboy hat, it gives more of a casual look and feel. People wear them to the beaches quite often, and they are quite easy to maintain as well. 

So, if you plan to style a complete countryside look, then conventional felt hats are the best choice. On the other hand, straw hats work just fine for a casual beach outing in the summers. 

Other important factors

When you know the most important things like suitability, type, and material, let’s move further. Here are some other important factors that you must consider before buying a cowboy hat, have a look-

  • Size- The size of a cowboy hat is very important. It is the size of cowboy hats that make it different from others, or else it may look like a basic baseball hat. Getting the right size is very important as cowboy hats are not flexible.
  • Color- Pick according to your preference. If you plan to wear the hat according to particular attire, keep it in mind. The pattern and color of your clothes must get along with the color of your hat. The most popular colors of cowboy hats include shades of brown, black, white, and grey. 
  • Durability- If you want a hat just for wearing it once, you may want to skip the durability part. However, if you plan to have the hat for a longer period, you must consider its durability. Hats which are made from blended fur are a bit costly, but they last longer when compared to straw and wool hats

Final words

Along with these things, you can also check the ‘X’ labeled inside the crown. The hats with X mark determine the quantity of rabbit and beaver used in making it. The more Xs a hat has, the better quality and high price it has. 

The cowboy hat is a classic reminder of history, and people still love to embrace the long-lost culture through it. It is advised if you buy one, do not forget to maintain it.