The Science of Vaping

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Vaping with e-juice liquids can be a healthier alternative to smoking. Additionally, steeping your own vape juices gives you more control over the flavor, while also allowing you to focus on healthier ingredients like cannabidiol if you wish. These are a few of the most common methods in which you can steep your vape juices.

Traditional Steeping

The best vape juices are given plenty of time to reach their full flavor potential. This is often compared to brewing your own beer or letting a fine wine age for quality. Traditional steeping consists of a lengthy process in which you let the vape juices sit for up to three weeks to maximize the flavor potential.

The vape juices should be stored in a cold, dark place and should be given ample time to steep. Many avid vapers will recommend using glass bottles when steeping to prevent melting, which could ruin your vape juices.

Minimal-Effort Steeping

Some vapers will argue that simply opening your vape juices and leaving them to steep gives you the same results as mixing your own vape juice ingredients. If you agree with this or are willing to try it out, then all you have to do is open your juices and let them sit. Make sure you place them in a location away from sunlight or extreme heat. 

The great thing about this method is that you can easily test it out. Wait a few days and try a few drops. If you notice an improvement, wait a few more days until you reach your ideal flavor. If you don’t notice a difference, then go ahead and use your juices.

Microwave Steeping

In some cases, you might want to speed up the steeping process. Whether you are out of vape juices or you are just too excited to try out your new experiment, microwave steeping is one option. Make sure you use a microwave-safe container and test out the heat in 10-second increments. Then, let the vape juices cool completely before touching them. Shake the contents before removing them from the bottle. 

Seed Steeping Method

Another method commonly used to speed up the steeping process is to mix vape juices you have already put through the steeping process with new juices. Although the flavor profile is not as strong when using the seed steeping method, it can give you a better flavor than if you had not steeped the juices at all.

Keep in mind that using methods that speed up the steeping process will not give you as strong or pure of a flavor profile. These methods are always an option when you don’t want to wait three weeks or when you are taste testing different flavor combinations. For the best results, use the traditional steeping method and let the steeping run its full course.

While many vapers prefer steeping their own vape juices, it is not something everyone enjoys. The choice to steep is a personal one, just as you might or might not choose to brew your own beer.

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