The Many Interesting Uses for Beeswax

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Beeswax is a natural component of a honeybee’s hive. It creates the honeycomb, those hexagonal shapes beautifully stacked on one another, each filled with raw honey. The wax is created in each bee’s abdominal segments; then, it’s discarded in the hive for worker honeybees to use. The worker bees use it to create the hive, and then they feed on honey during winter.

Beeswax is very useful in everyday life for humans, too. From making candles to furniture polish, it has many uses. These are the many interesting uses for beeswax.

Candles and Crayons

Beeswax is great for candle-making. It takes extra work, but you’ll love your DIY beeswax candle because it will have the exact scents you like. Melt down the beeswax, add scented oils, and dip a thick string to make a wick. Pour the mixture into a container with the wick grounded inside by a metal object such as a paperclip.

You can also make crayons through a similar process. Instead of scented oils, you’ll add food coloring and soap shavings to the beeswax.

Wood Lubrication and Conditioning

Wood lubrication and conditioning are some of the many interesting uses for beeswax. If you have squeaky wooden drawers or chair legs, rub beeswax on them. Do you have a dry, flaking cutting board you wish you could use again? Condition it with a mix of mineral oil and beeswax.

Fix a Stuck Zipper

Various oils and jellies can help you unstick a zipper, but many of them smell like cooking oil and ointment. That’s not what you want for your favorite jacket. Beeswax is just as effective for stuck zippers, but it smells better.

Polish Your Furniture

Because of where beeswax comes from, it’s a softer wax. That means it can clean furniture without diminishing its natural look. Simply melt the beeswax with olive or coconut oil, and then let it harden. Rub it on your furniture for a natural, nontoxic polish.

Make Beauty Supplies

Many beauty companies sell beeswax-based supplies, but you can also make your own. Doing so is often much cheaper. Find formulas online or in craft books so that you can create your own body butter, lip balm, and hair pomade.

Improve Your Baking Pans

Your baking pans and sheets get worn out over time. Oil builds up from foods, and cleaning them can be irritating or even impossible, making you think you have to replace them. Extend their life span by rubbing beeswax on them. This also benefits your baking process because you won’t need as much oil or grease in the future.