The Friendliest and Most Social Dog Breeds

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When you’re searching for a dog to add to the family, it’s only natural that you’d want to choose a breed that’s naturally friendly and sociable. Many types of dogs have notable traits due to generations of training with humans at their sides. While a dog of any breed can become a loyal member of your household, especially with training, choosing from one of the friendliest and most social dog breeds is a good place to start if you’re new to dog ownership.

Golden Retrievers

The first image that pops into almost anyone’s head when someone mentions a friendly, happy dog is the iconic golden retriever. Goldies are famous for their calm, smiling resting faces and good-natured personalities. These medium to long-coat dogs will be your loyal companion and will fit right in with any other pets or family members.

Though dogs often receive a bad reputation for lacking intelligence, golden retrievers prove that stereotype wrong with how easy they are to train. While they may miss you while you’re away, after you train them, you don’t need to worry about a goldie causing trouble with their caretaker. Golden retrievers often want to make friends with any other dog they meet, which could make them a superstar with both staff and animals if you leave them at doggy daycare.

Border Collies

It’s common knowledge that border collies are fast friends with herds of sheep or sometimes flocks of ducks. They’re also fond of their human companions. With a long snout and an energetic nature, these medium-sized dogs are loyal to their families once they get to know them. They’re easy to train and are incredibly smart—you may even see your border collie attempting to herd your kids for you! If you have a lot of energy for your furry companion, a border collie may be the right choice for you.

Boston Terriers

For those who are more comfortable with small dogs or only have enough room in their home for a small friend, a Boston terrier is one of the friendliest and most social dog breeds. They love to play and socialize with their families—they often snuggle right up with you when they’re done playing. It’s common to see them warm up to strangers almost immediately, canine and human alike.

No matter what breed of dog you adopt, the dog you choose will love living with you and your family. Curb any bad behaviors with training and patience for a companion you can rely on as the years go by.