The Dangers of Traveling on Worn-Out Tires

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Driving is one of those everyday occurrences that we become habituated to; we don’t really think about the act of driving. It becomes automatic. This mindset of complacency isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if we don’t pay attention to the state of our car, then we can miss the signs that it needs some maintenance.

Tires are the cause of many problems, and the dangers of traveling on worn-out tires are something that always bears repeating.

Loss of Traction

The first major danger is the lack of proper traction your tires will have with the road surface. The effects of the reduced traction can be seen and felt in virtually every action of your car.

Your Car’s Handling Worsens

Without the tread of the tires keeping a grip on the asphalt, then it will take longer for your car to come to a stop once you press the brakes. If you need to swerve or if you’re just making a turn, your car may slip even on dry road conditions.


In the most extreme circumstances, thin tires can put your life in jeopardy by making it easier for you to hydroplane. There are ways to reduce the risk of hydroplaning and strategies to keep you from losing control when it happens, but those are only effective with sturdy tires. Hydroplaning is one of the most serious dangers of driving on worn-out tires, and the more worn the tire, the more dangerous the situation.

Increased Risk of Blowout

Because of the thin rubber, the tire has less durability when subjected to the everyday strain of driving. This decreased durability means the tire is far more likely to fail while on the road, resulting in sudden blowouts.

Further Damage Done

Even in the best of times, a blowout can be a costly event. With the loss of rubber, the wheel of your blown-out tire will be grinding against the road, damaging the rim. All in all, it will cost more to repair the rim than if you were to replace the tire when you first notice it’s worn out. Debris from a blowout can also fly into vehicles behind you, putting them and others at risk.

Replace Them Before They Cause More Damage

Trying to get a few more miles out of the tire before you replace it may seem like you’re saving money. But the potential damage a worn tire can cause, whether it be a serious car accident or damage to other parts as a result of a blowout, will be much more expensive.