Ten Problems One Solution, Automated Home Security System

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A man spends his entire life working hard all day and all night to build the house of his dreams. Hardships are faced to achieve it. A person goes through all of these phases to provide shelter to the family. Therefore, the security of this house and family is of prime importance to the person. The security of the house is ensured manually for years. Later, a basic home security system was introduced. In the 21st century automated home security system is upgraded to an innovative automated home security system. This up-gradation offered so many benefits as the system is powerful, flexible, cost-effective, and easy to install.

These systems not only provide security at the doorstep, rather it offers multiple other features as well, to offer an inside out security to the house. It includes fire alarm, gas leakage alarm, records energy consumption, and many more as per the requirement of the customer. Different renowned companies are offering automated home security systems. Multiple technologies are merged to provide excellence of service to the customers, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and General Service for Mobile (GSM). With the help of GSM, the entire system can be operated by installing an application on the mobile phone, and the security of the house is monitored 24/7 with an active internet connection. Each one of us is looking forward to a system which is cheap and gives a better result. In the day end automation must not disturb our budget.

Work Flow

The functionality of the system consists of compliance, security, interoperability, accuracy, and suitability. Compliance symbolizes that each component of the system is following international standards. Security is measured by the potential of the system to control the permissions granted to other components in terms of the services provided by the particular component. The interaction of one component of software with the other is termed interoperability. Accuracy refers to the percentage of correct alerts. The extent to measure the performance of specific requirements is known as suitability. All this functionality makes the system more efficient. 

The automated Fort Worth home security system is based on undertaking the needs and ease of the customer. A user-friendly interface is introduced. The user types a message before a hand or records a voice message that could be forward to the police at the hour of need, without letting the intruder know, just in case it bypasses the system. Such devices are made which could be installed easily in the house and cause no breakage in the walls. Moreover, the company sends a trusted member from the team to install the system. The device providing a home security system can be upgraded afterward without replacing it with a new one. 

Building Blocks of the System

Different components with different objectives are embedded in the system. For instance, cameras are placed at different places to keep an eye on different entrances of the house; a smoke detector is installed to inform about fire; gas sensors are embedded to sense gas leakage and inform in time. These alerts are generated in no time, hence, prevents from further, because the more time it takes to get to know about the hazard, the more loss is to be faced. Some companies offer customized tablets. These tablets can be placed on the walls like a normal wall hanging with beautiful wallpaper. The intruder would never know the secret behind the scene.

An application is developed with the system that could be installed in the mobile phone of the user. This application is used to send an alert message to the user when an unusual movement at the boundary of the house, smoke arising due to fire, or gas leakage is detected. As soon as the hazard is notified, the loss can be minimized if effective measures are taken. Similarly, in the case of intruders, the user can send a detailed message already typed to the authorities and is more likely to be rescued in time. Previously, the police were notified after the crime took place, the chances of recovery were less. With this innovative automated home security system, the crime rate has reduced tremendously. What previously looked like a dream is now a reality and is operational anywhere at any time across the globe.


The customer invests a handsome amount to avail of this facility; therefore, the customer should know the details of his investment. It means he should be made aware of the expenditure upon the components and the expense of the company offering the service. While choosing a company for the home security system, read the contract consciously; because most of the companies make the customers sign a long term contract. This contract cannot be withdrawn if the customer doesn’t like the service or so. At the same time come companies hand over their clients to third-party companies that fail to meet the standard promised by a certain company. The more experienced the company is, the more reliable its product. The thing is that when a company is working for a longer time, they’ve worked with very basic models of the system being presented as they have gone through a process of evolution. Therefore, they can cater to problems in the system better that new companies are unable to do.

The only solution to this problem is to choose a company which is working for a longer time in this field. Or you can look for a company with a loyal customer. Both aspects go hand in hand. Loyal customers can only be gained over time. The customer must have all the rights to fire the company as soon as it fails to stand by its words. No forced actions should be imposed on the customers by the company, such as buying unnecessary types of equipment. Moreover, a customer should be aware of equipment expense and service expense. Customers must be able to shift to the new company, once the current one is unable to stand by its words.