Surprising Games You Can Play at Pa Online Casinos

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The legalization of online casinos in Pennsylvania in 2017 gave unprecedented access to classic games like slots, blackjack, roulette and poker. But with PA’s latest online casinos, these are just the beginning. The great thing about a casino in cyberspace is that there are not the same space constraints that you find in a physical casino. It means online casinos can offer a wider range of games, some of which might come as a surprise. 

Casino War 

War is a classic card game that’s stunning in its simplicity. In fact, it’s probably the first game you learned to play as a kid. Developer Scientific Games has brought it to the casino. It’s you against the dealer, you are each served a single card, and the highest wins. If it’s a tie, you are given the option to go to war by doubling your money and having another card dealt each. 

Steelers Blackjack 

Here’s a game that’s exclusively available to PA online casino players via the Unibet platform. The sports betting and casino provider has entered a partnership with the Pittsburgh Steelers to provide this exclusive live blackjack game. The game is hosted by a real dealer via webcam to provide a truly interactive experience. There are special Steelers-themed prizes such as signed memorabilia and access to the Unibet tailgate party at home games. 

Monopoly Big Spin 

Another game you might have fond memories of playing as a child is now available at PA online casinos. Monopoly Big Spin features a roulettestyle layout with a wheel and table, each featuring symbols from the classic board game. Place your betting chips on the symbol where you think the wheel will stop. There are instant prizes for calling it right, plus free spins if you land on Free Parking and access to a bonus wheel via Chance and Community Chest.  

Four Card Poker 

There are numerous types of poker out there. Three card poker is one of the most popular among casual players, but four card poker is a new and exciting variation on the same theme. As with three card poker, you’re up against the dealer. You are each dealt five cards, from which you must choose the four that make the best hand. While three card poker gives you the opportunity to either fold or double the ante to play, in the four card version, you have the extra option of trebling the ante if you feel really confident. 

Let it Ride 

Another all new card game that is based on poker principles, Let it Ride is a little like five card stud, except your hand is comprised of three cards that are dealt to you plus two community cards. You need a pair of 10s or better to win. When dealt your three cards, you can decide whether to let it ride and see the community cards or cut your losses and pull. There’s a video poker-style pay table that dictates your reward, which typically ranges from even money for a pair of 10s to 1,000 to one for a royal flush.