Steps To Developing a Healthy Relationship With Your Puppy

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You’ve just brought home an adorable new puppy, and now it’s time to start forming a relationship. It’s possible to build a deep and loving connection with any puppy, regardless of breed.

But if this is your very first puppy, you may not know how to bond with them.

Fear not because we’re here to provide you with candid tips on how to get to know your new pup. That way, you can grow accustomed to your new best friend straight off the bat. Here are our tried-and-true steps to developing a healthy relationship with your puppy.

Always Use a Leash (Even Inside)

You’ll need to housebreak your puppy, which refers to acclimating it to your home. One of the most reliable ways to do so is to always use a leash. That includes whenever you’re indoors with your puppy. A short nylon leash will work wonders here. By doing this, your puppy will learn where they can and can’t go inside.

Learn Its Language

Your puppy has its own language and way of communicating. Every puppy is different, so you’ll need to pay close attention to how your puppy reacts to things. Get to know their body language cues when they’re happy, sad, and under stress. Learning how your puppy prefers to communicate will build strong trust.

Spend Time Together

This tip is arguably the most important. You can’t form a relationship with your new puppy if you don’t do things together. Rather than leaving your puppy to do what it wants, plan fun activities for the week. You can have playtime, go on hiking trails, and exercise. Engaging in regular activities will help your puppy feel loved and appreciated.

Prepare Their Food With Love

It’s no secret that dogs love food, and puppies are no exception. If you want your puppy to know that you care, put a lot of love into their food. Instead of going with plain dog food, try cooking a healthy meal for your puppy. Doing so will not only keep them fed and healthy; it will strengthen your bond as well.

Train Your Puppy

Your puppy needs to know the rules. Train your puppy to come when called, not beg for food, and more. A well-trained puppy has a lot more freedom than an untrained one, and teaching them the rules can strengthen your bond.

Closing Thoughts

Those are our top steps for developing a healthy relationship with your puppy. As long as you spend time together, communicate clearly, and feed them well, you’ll have an inseparable bond.