Staycation Alternatives for Upcoming Summer Trips

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Everyone needs a vacation. Vacations keep us from hitting work burnout, and they give our brains a break from everyday stress. Unfortunately, our need for a vacation does not always align with our available time-off from work or our budget.

Staycations are a happy compromise between a much-needed vacation and a budget-friendly experience. While it may seem like it’s impossible to have a vacation at home, there are plenty of local sites you can visit to add excitement to your home trip. To learn more about staycation alternatives for upcoming summer trips, continue reading our blog.

Hike at a National Park

Do you love spending time outside? Then start your staycation by touring a National Park and embarking on a scenic summer hike. Summer hikes are an excellent opportunity to step away from the stresses of everyday life and explore the natural features in your local area.

The fresh air and exercise of a summer hike will help clear your mind and set the tone for the rest of your staycation.

Sip Wine at a Winery

If you’re not a fan of physical exercise, then visiting a winery may be a more enticing activity for your staycation. Wineries are the perfect summer location because they often feel like a luxurious vacation scene. The fields of delicious grapes, beautiful landscape, and pampering service make it easy to pretend you’re sipping wine in Italy rather than sitting in your hometown.

There are plenty of regions with wineries to visit, but if you prefer the taste of beer, you can also visit a local brewery. Regardless of what taste you crave, visiting these locations will be a beneficial and relaxing staycation alternative for your upcoming summer trips.

Make Your Home a Movie Theater

If you have children joining you on your staycation, we have the perfect recommendation to top off your staycation summer night. Turn your backyard into a luxurious movie-watching experience. With a portable projector, some blankets, pillows, and popcorn, you can transform your ordinary backyard into a personalized movie theater.

Make snacks, pick out favorite films, and sit back and relax with some of your favorite summer features. With little to no costs, you’ll have the perfect end to your summer staycation.

Don’t let work, time, or money convince you to avoid a much-needed vacation. Give your brain a break and consider a staycation. While you may not be visiting international sites, you can still pamper yourself in affordable luxury.