Soothing the Soul: 5 Ways to Lift Your Spirits in Isolation

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We’ve all been stuck at home longer than we thought we’d be. Many people assumed that this would be over in a month, and we’d be back to our regular lives. But the reality of a pandemic is that it lasts much longer and takes much longer to bring safety back to the community. That said, if you’re tired of being in the slump of isolation, then there are a few steps you can take to boost your mood and make this situation a bit more bearable. We’ve listed a few different ways to lift your spirits in isolation—from crafting to cooking, these are some simple tricks to bring a little bit of lightness to your soul. Check them out!

Get Crafty

One of the most incredible aspects about creativity is that it releases tension from the brain. Whether you pick up a paintbrush or knitting needles, you’ll soothe the overwhelm that’s probably roiling in your brain. There are some crafts that are excellent for alleviating anxiety, and candle-making is one of them. Rather than ordering from a chain store, start making your own candles and reap the benefits of both essential oils and a good crafting session!

Hit the Kitchen

Most people know that a good meal can do wonders for soothing the soul. Kick it up a notch and start heading to the kitchen to create something new! When you’re feeling overwhelmed with the outside world or are just having a down day (completely normal with all that’s going on), head to the kitchen. Make a meal you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest or pull out the old recipes from Nana and make one each day. Your spirits will lift in no time!

Look for the Good News

There’s a lot of bad news circulating—do yourself a favor and only look for the good sometimes. This may mean heading to different sites than your normal sources, but this can make the difference between overwhelm and happy tears. For example, John Krasinski has started his own “news network,” Some Good News. He releases new videos from time to time that are filled solely with good news. There are many other options as well, such as The Happiness Project, Huffington Post Good News, and Daily Good.

Take a Virtual Tour

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, faraway museums and cities are more accessible to the general public than ever before. Virtual tours are one of the greatest ways to lift your spirits in self-isolation! You can see the Louvre online on a virtual tour, you can wander the streets of Rome with video. You may be physically trapped in your home, but you can explore way more than the confines of your home! Take advantage of this when you’re feeling particularly overwhelmed with being stuck at home.

Reconnect Consistently

This last tip for boosting your spirits is about making sure to stay connected. Moods can truly plummet if you’re not surrounding yourself with loved ones. Now you may not be able to physically be together, but you can be sure to stay virtually connected. If you have a friend whom you saw every day, you most likely are now feeling emotional tension from not seeing them, so make sure to reach out and reconnect. Most importantly, reconnect consistently if you want to ensure lifted spirits.