Restaurant Equipment You Need To Start a Pizzeria

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Opening any type of restaurant takes a ton of hard work and determination. If you’re contemplating starting a pizzeria, you must know what kind of restaurant equipment you’ll need. The most crucial part of any food establishment is what’s in the kitchen—because, after all, the kitchen is where the magic happens.

Essential Appliances

You cannot own a pizzeria without having a pizza oven, dough mixer, ranges, grills, and a ventilation system. To ensure you start your business on the right foot, opt for higher-end products that will be worth the money in the long run. Consider the benefits of a commercial dough mixer and other commercial products to set your business down a path to success.

Food Preparation Supplies

Creating the perfect pizza requires careful preparation before it goes into the oven. You will need specific prep tables for each pizza-building station in your kitchen. You will also need other food prep equipment like knives, cutting boards, slicers, etc.

Safety Supplies

In case of an emergency, you need safety supplies on hand. Keep a first aid kit in a convenient location that is readily accessible to employees. Have hand washing stations, gloves, masks, and aprons available for workers to use to stay safe in the kitchen.

Table Service Supplies

Is your restaurant going to be a sit-down diner or will guests be taking their pizza home? Have the essential supplies you need to cater to customers who choose to eat in such as dinnerware, silverware, glassware, serving trays, etc. Even if you’re a sit-down pizzeria, make sure you have to-go boxes for your patrons to take a few slices home with them.

Cleaning Supplies

If you want to start a pizzeria, you most likely did not consider cleaning supplies as necessary restaurant equipment. However, this supply is critical to keeping a sanitary environment and preventing cross-contamination in the kitchen. Keep extra cleaning supplies in a closet and leave bottles out, so employees know where to go when they need to clean up a spill or mess.

You must ensure you have the proper equipment before opening a restaurant or you risk running into major problems. If you’re working with a small budget, look around second-hand stores to see if you can find good deals on appliances to use in the kitchen. Take your time and investigate the products you buy before using them in your restaurant to ensure they are of the best quality.