Reasons Why Women undergo Tummy Tuck Surgery in Singapore

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Have you heard about abdominoplasty, which is an immensely popular cosmetic surgery procedure? If not, you should know that you are already familiar with it but know it by another name – tummy tuck. Millions of men and women across the world take the procedure to achieve a flatter, smoother abdominal contour. However, shedding abdominal fat can be a frustrating experience. Due to changes in the body occurring from different events like pregnancy, weight gain or aging can lead to the development of a bothersome belly pooch that does not go away despite your best efforts to remove it through targeted exercises and proper diet. Belly fat is stubborn, and the best way to eradicate it to achieve a smoother and flatter abdominal contour is to go for a tummy tuck in Singapore

Women are more attracted to a tummy tuck, and here are the reasons for it.

Eradicate postnatal stretch marks and loose skin

After completion of pregnancy and childbirth, many women experience loosened abdominal muscles that also loosen the abdominal skin and, together with the visible stretch marks, creates a poor sight. Many women try to hide the fold of loose skin under the elastic waistband, which is not comfortable because it can cause rubbing, wrinkling, or irritation. For permanent remedy from the problem, many women go for a tummy tuck that reduces and removes stretch-marked skin and even eradicate sagging skin. 

Remove scar marks 

Women who undergo Caesarian section surgery or any other kind of abdominal surgery that requires lengthy incision often have to live with scar marks after the surgery that looks unsightly. Going for a tummy tuck procedure can lighten the skin tone around the scarred area, and the scar mark disappears, which helps to improve the overall look.

Have a tight and taut abdomen

A shapely abdomen contributes to a shapely figure. Any woman who is sensitive to her body appeal would never allow loosened abdominal muscles and loose skin to flaw the looks. While exercise and diet can help tone muscles and reducing weight, it does not help tighten the loose skin nor remove it. To regain a youthful body with a shapely abdomen that defies age, women take to tummy tuck that can help to achieve the goal.

Banish a bulging stomach

Many women are embarrassed by a bulging stomach that dents their self-esteem as they feel like everyone is looking at them with scorn. The low confidence level can take a toll on their personality as they suffer from complexities that affect their social behavior and interactions with people in personal and professional life. A tummy tuck is a perfect procedure to regain self-esteem by eradicating the bulging stomach by removing body fat, which can also be extracted by liposuction. 

Improve urinary incontinence

A tummy tuck can improve a condition called stress urinary incontinence, which affects the bladder control whenever there is excessive pressure on the bladder and urethra. It usually leads to uncontrollable bladder leakage, which can happen when laughing, exercising, coughing, and sneezing.