Personal Recognizance Bail Bond – Three essential things to know

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Not every person you see in jail is guilty of a crime! There are defendants inside the prison, who are innocent and a victim of a complicated crime scene. It is essential to prove these defendants accusation-free and out of jail. While a criminal attorney can set things correct at the court, you will need a bail bond company to get the defendant out of jail.

Bail bond companies provide you with several bail options that defendants can opt in for. One of the prominent bail bonds is the Personal Recognizance Bond. To know more on this, you can check out Castle Bail Bondsman Ohio.

What is a Personal Recognizance Bail Bond?

It is also called a “PR” bond and is sanctioned by the judge, after reviewing the defendant’s legal case, his/her criminal history and the like. In the majority of instances, of PR bonds, the defendant is not a threat to society at large. The judge determines this through all the reviews and checks, before approving the bail. A PR bond is applicable for students, employers, community leaders, group leaders, and the like who are involved in some community development project as well.

Do you know what the significant benefit of a PR bail bond? The court judge decides the bail capital amount. The bonded party doesn’t need to pay a single dollar but must be a part of all the court appearances. It is important to realize that if a person doesn’t manage the PR bond, he/she might have to pay the total bail amount. Chances are he/she will also get arrested later.

Most people conjecture the PR bond to be a reasonable option. Before you opt-in for a Personal Recognizance Bond, you need to know three essential aspects. They are:

1. It takes time to get out of jail

Defendants using a PR bond, have to wait longer to be out of the prison. The pre-trial officer conducts an interview, and you need to have personal references who can speak well for you. All these processes take time and delay your release. 

2. Only judges can grant this bail bond

You might have an expert attorney to speak for you! Even then, the bond can only get sanctioned after the judge’s approval. Everything gets planned based on the judge’s schedule and the inmates he has to visit. It causes your release to get delayed for an indefinite time.

3. There might be hidden costs

Once the judge affirms the PR bond, the defendant doesn’t have to pay a single dollar for his bail. However, there might be hidden expenses that he/she needs to incur. For instance, if the person went to jail for drugs that involves a crime, then they might have to enroll for a drug abuse class from their own pockets. These classes are aimed to help the defendant with his drug addiction.

The best way to free a defendant from the prison is to opt-in for a bail bond company. The process is safe, fast, and hassles free. Also, you can add to your savings and depend on legal advice from the bail bond company.