Pambazo Origins: Where Do Pambazos Come From?

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Maybe you’ve been a long time fan of pambazos, and maybe you’ve just been invited to a restaurant that specializes in them and have no idea what they are. Regardless, you’re in the right place when it comes to learning more about the delicious sandwich. 

Learning about the history of food can help you grow an appreciation for it, and also give some insight into whether or not you might like it. So if you’re just hoping to learn a little more about pambazos or want to know what you’re getting into before trying one for the first time, this handy guide has all you need to know. 

The History of Pambazos

Where do pambazos come from? Well, if you’re familiar with the idea of peasant dishes (or at least seen the movie Ratatouille), there are some similarities. 

Pambazos are a sandwich from Mexico. They get their name from the kind of bread that’s used to make the sandwich, “pan basso” bread. 

Over time, this bread was made and served to the lower class, making the dish unpopular amongst higher-ups. This was because it didn’t have the best taste, so the bread was dipped into “guajillo” sauce to make it more palatable. 

This sauce gives the bread a bright orange color, which is the classic pambazo look that you see today. But there are other origin stories out there, so it can depend on who you ask!

Some will say that the pambazo was created to pay tribute to an exceptionally beautiful volcano, hence the color. One thing’s for sure; both stories add a lot of richness to a poor man’s meal! 

How to Make Pambazos

When it comes to how to make pambazos, you have some freedom in the creation process. The staple of the sandwich is the type of bread that the filling uses. 

So if you have the bread, you have the sandwich. This means you need to acquire (or make!) some pan basso and guajillo salsa. 

The main ingredients of guajillo include spice, pepper, garlic, and onion. Of course, there are many different recipes for both the salsa and the bread, so pick whichever one you feel most comfortable making. 

When it comes to sandwich construction, there are many different options for you to try. You can make pambazo poblanos, pambazo veracruzano, and many more. 

Time to Go Have One

Now you know everything there is to know about pambazos. You’ll be an expert on the sandwich from its history to its key ingredients. 

Whether you just want to have one for the first time, or you’re on the hunt for the best pambazo out there, you’re equipped to find the real stuff. So what are you waiting for? 

Start the search and enjoy a delicious pambazo sandwich today. 

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