Mussolini Dead! Il Duce’s Granddaughter’s Controversial Letter to Venezuela

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By Alberto Macchione

Polarizing politician Martina Mussolini has passed away having succumbed to a fatal disease.

Mussolini, who spent much of her life in Venezuala was the grand-daughter of Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini.  Martina famously wrote a book entitled ‘Fascism, Social State or Dictatorship?” having spent six years investigating “la carta del lavoro,” a law instigated in 1927 to express the social and economic principles of fascism.

The first part of the book goes from 1914 to 1924 and tells of the liberal transformation of Italy, between the motions of the Socialist International and the Great War, continuing with the struggles between socialists and fascists, the felling of liberalism and the premises at ‘ networking among workers with the unions at the center of the idea of State. The second part brings us then in 1926-27, years in which is born the Charter of Labour. He spent his years from ’30 to ’34, with the maturation from unionism to corporatism.

Martina Mussolini stated in her book that some of the accusations of the media and the government and in particular the words of the former minister Fornero who claimed that Italy could end up going back to the fascist times of women working, presumably insinuating that women had few opportunities or care under fascism.

Martina Mussolini became irate when she heard this and fired back by citing the provision of “creches” in factories so that women could be supported by the state even after giving birth. Mussolini also claimed that calling fascism a “dictatorship” is historically wrong, believing that during fascist rule, workers’ and employers’ rights were safeguarded.

Martina Mussolini, who spent her childhood in Venezuela, wrote a letter to the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, left-wing dictator and successor to Chavez, who has impoverished his country and persecuted young people who demonstrated against his regime.

In the letter Martina Mussolini stated:

‘My name is Martina Mussolini and my grandfather, Vittorio, was the son of Benito Mussolini, one of the founders of the fascist system…I write from Italy where I live for over twenty years, I am writing because even though I was not born in Venezuela, I was lucky enough to spend in this wonderful country my teens and in this difficult moment my heart and my feelings are with my brothers Venezuelans. I had to leave the country because even then there was no future for me and I’m sorry to have to say every time to my children that I will not take them to the places of my youth because it is too dangerous a state where there is no respect for life and those who should ensure justice often are the first to violate it. The great statesman who was my great-grandfather, Benito Mussolini, fought, loved and suffered for his people and at the time of his death, when he was hanged upside down in Piazzale Loreto, from his pocket did not fall even a penny ! He points to as the fascist students who demonstrate because in their country there is no security, shortage of essential items, medicines are scarce and opportunities to live a dignified life are non-existent, due to corruption, the devaluation of the currency and to ‘ inflation have taken over. A country censored, without freedom of expression where opponents are unfairly imprisoned’.

Martina’s funeral was near the home of the late activist in SInalunga, Tuscany in Italy and her ashes transported to the family chapel in Predappio in Emilia-Romagna, Italy which was also the birthplace of ‘Il Duce’, her Grandfather.

The news of Mussolini’s premature passing was announced by her family and her children. She was 46 years old.

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