Mondo Italiano Announces New Collaboration with Italian Tenor Marco Fiorante

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Mondo Italiano recently announce a new collaboration with Italian tenor Marco Fiorante, who will be teaching “musichIAMO.”

“musichIAMO” (I love music) is an introductory music course for children from 5 to 17  years old who are approaching singing both for the first time or are interested in improving their singing abilities. Adults will get their chance too with “musichIAMO BIG” on Friday nights.

During this class, students can expect to:

– practice matching pitches to be on tune with music;

– learn to read and write music;

– learn songs and nursery rhymes to explore different rhythms;

– bodypercussion;

– Engage in musical group work with the possibility (depending on the number of participants) of forming either a choir or a small group of students for an end of the year recital.

This course is likely to fill up soon so register now at:

Tel (412) 478 2681/Email:

— with Marco Fiorante at Mondo Italiano – Centro di cultura italiana.