Know These Seven Features of Mediclaim Policies for Senior Citizens

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It is unfortunate that our health deteriorates as we get closer to old age – and the time that should be spent enjoying life is often wasted worrying about medical issues and their implications. While you cannot predict or prevent what life has in store, you can ensure that your or your parents’ retirement years are stress-free, and the ideal way to do so is by investing in Mediclaim policies for senior citizens.  

Mediclaim policies for senior citizens are designed keeping in mind the health care requirements of the elderly or people above the age of 60 years.  The plans provide financial assistance to seniors during emergencies and cover the costs incurred for hospitalization, surgeries, treatments, and much more. Besides specifically catering to age-related diseases and illnesses, senior citizen Mediclaim is also beneficial to combat medical inflation.

If you’re thinking about purchasing Mediclaim policies for senior citizens or need some guidance on choosing the best plans, be on the lookout for the following features: 

Flexibility of Choice 

A great feature of senior citizen Mediclaim is the flexibility of choice as you can opt for whichever plan suits your or your family’s needs. For instance, you can either select an individual senior citizen Mediclaim or a family floater policy that covers all your loved ones under one premium. Moreover, you have the liberty of choosing the sum insured, whether high or low, as per your preference. 

Pre & Post-Hospitalization Cover 

While all Mediclaim policies for senior citizens include hospitalization expenses, today, most insurance companies offer plans that also cover pre & post-hospitalization costs, including everything from urine and blood tests to diagnostics and follow-up visits. However, you should also consider additional indemnity features such as domiciliary care, AYUSH treatments, and ambulance charges while buying senior citizen Mediclaim. 

No Pre-Policy Health Screening 

Buying a health plan should be an easy and seamless process, but certain terms & conditions can make it complicated. One such condition that most policy buyers dread is medical screenings, a prerequisite for purchasing Mediclaim policies for senior citizens. However, you can avoid the hassles of pre-policy checkups as most insurers today don’t require them.

Additional Bonuses

Earlier, there wasn’t much that policyholders got in return for buying a health care plan, but that has changed ever since insurers have introduced the concept of cumulative bonuses. An excellent example of this is the No Claim Bonus, as per which you are entitled to receive a bonus amount (added to your sum insured) for every claim-free year. 

Long-Term Renewability 

Today, Mediclaim policies for senior citizens come with the feature of long-term renewability. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of the policy for as long as you live with break-free renewals, and there is no limit on the exit age. Moreover, all insurance providers are obliged to share all details of the policy’s renewal terms & conditions with the policy buyer according to IRDAI guidelines. Therefore, don’t forget to check the same. 

Free Checkups 

During old age, it is essential to keep track of your health and monitor any fluctuations. But even medical screenings are quite expensive, making them a luxury for many. However, you can take advantage of free health checkups included with most Mediclaim policies for senior citizens and save a few extra bucks. In addition, it is a convenient way to stay updated on your health. 

Online Accessibility 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult for us to leave our homes without worrying about the consequences, and it is even riskier for senior citizens. But a notable feature of Mediclaim policies for senior citizens is the online availability, which enables you to buy plans comfortably and safely from your home. However, make sure you opt for trustworthy reliable such as Care Health Insurance that offer impeccable online services, making the policy buying process easier and quicker.