Kitchen Questions: Can You Use a Steam Oven for Baking?

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Homemade Italian baked goods are some of the best in the world. That means if you’re adding a new device or appliance to your kitchen, such as a steam oven, it needs to help make those delicious baked goods. Some bakers debate whether using a steam oven is a good idea, though. So can you use a steam oven for baking? Keep reading to find out.

How Does Steaming Work?

Steaming and baking sound like opposite approaches to cooking. Steam makes us think of wet heat, while baking makes us think of dry heat. Using one to perform the other doesn’t sound right. But a steam oven takes water, turns it into steam, and blows it through the oven cavity. As a result, you can do both. And if you invest in a combination steam oven, not just a plain steam oven, you can do both at the same time.

Can You Use a Steam Oven To Bake?

The short answer is yes. An oven is still an oven, even if it uses steam or a combination of steam and convection to cook. So long as the hot air and steam remain around the item in your oven, you can bake it. Your finished product might taste different since steam seals in flavor better and keeps food moist, but you’ll still have a baked good in the end.

Should You Bake in a Steam Oven?

Just because you can use a steam oven for baking doesn’t mean you should. Some bakers think that steam cooking isn’t as precise as baking in a conventional oven and avoid using it. However, as you learn how to use your steam oven for cooking various types of food, you’ll see whether you like using your steam oven for baking or not. To ensure you can always cook in your preferred method, you should consider a combination steam oven. It will allow you to steam, cook conventionally, or do a combination of the two.

Yes, you can use a steam oven for baking. While some bakers don’t like to use a steam oven for baking, the choice is entirely up to you. The wet heat is different than the dry heat of a conventional or convection oven, but some home chefs like this difference. If you can cook what you want in the way you want, then adding a steam or combination oven to your home is a great idea.