Key Steps For Keeping Your Pittsburgh Business Clean

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Pittsburgh is the 39th best city in the United States to start a business with over 60 robotics and self-driving car startups having transformed the city into “one of the earliest and most successful industrial-economy reboots”. Whether you’re planning to launch a business in Pittsburgh or already have, cleanliness may not be your top priority, but it shouldn’t be neglected. Surfaces you touch everyday are breeding grounds for bacteria with at least 30% of workers admitting to washing their hands just once a day. Fortunately, by following key simple steps, you can prevent the spread of harmful germs and bacteria and keep your Pittsburgh business clean. 

Clean your office equipment

Everyday office equipment harbors thousands, perhaps even millions, of germs. The average desk, for example, is teeming with around 800 bacteria per square inch, compared to 1,600 for work phones. And, in one study, 96% of 25 workplace keyboards tested positive for E. coli and MRSA (an antibiotic-resistant bacteria that causes infections). Moreover, accumulated dirt, dust, and grease can also cause equipment to deteriorate over time, resulting in poor performance. You can keep your equipment germ-free and in good working condition by cleaning it regularly. For example, disinfectant wipes can be used to clean your office phone, ideally everyday. First, unplug the phone before wiping down the cords, buttons, and ear and mouthpieces. Computer hardware, on the other hand, should be cleaned by a specialist to avoid damage and potential data loss. Specialist cleaning techniques leave an invisible anti-static film on the equipment to further minimize buildup of dirt and debris. 

Don’t neglect the floor

Shoes are home to millions of bacterial organisms — at least 66 million per shoe, compared to just 1,000 found on the average toilet seat. This bacteria includes E. coli and Serratia ficaria and up to 90% of it transfers from shoes to floor. So, while you may not be able to ensure the cleanliness of everyone’s shoes, cleaning your floor regularly can keep harmful bacteria from spreading. First, vacuum regularly to remove dirt, dust, and grit. If you have tiles, a specialized grout cleaner can help prevent grout from absorbing bacteria. Cleaning your floor at least once a week is also important, however, use a string mop over a sponge mop (as sponge mops actually embed dirt and debris further).

Healthy indoor air quality

In addition to your surfaces and floor, the air quality inside your building also needs to be kept clean. In particular, routine HVAC maintenance is essential for keeping the filters clean and in good working condition, while also preventing bacteria and dust from circulating the air. Also regularly inspect your HVAC system for moisture, which can eventually develop into mold. Don’t let the condensate pans become clogged and ensure they’re draining properly to keep mold at bay.

Keeping your Pittsburgh business germ-free doesn’t have to be complicated. By regularly cleaning your office equipment and flooring and maintaining healthy indoor air quality, you can ensure your premises stay in the best possible condition.