Italy Bloggers Review Barbara Zaragoza’s Travel Book, The Espresso Break: Tours And Nooks Of Naples, Italy And Beyond


Three positive reviews came out for Barbara Zaragoza’s new travel guide: The Espresso Break: Tours and Nooks of Naples, Italy and Beyond.

Laura Thayer, long-time blogger at Ciao Amalfi, wrote: “Zaragoza’s unique approach combines an in depth and very accessible historic focus with the intricacies of the Neapolitan culture and, above all, a deep love of bella Napoli.

Of course a book with such a catchy title wouldn’t be complete without an Espresso Tour through the city regularly noted as the home of the best coffee in Italy. This is your guide to how to order, discovering different types of espresso drinks to try and the best places in Naples to find them.

One of the most unique features in The Espresso Break is the Odious Women Tour, a fascinating look at the famous—and not so well-known—women who have shaped the city.

I treasure her firsthand experiences, the unique and often overlooked spots and the history she’s gathered.”

Laura wrote the review over at My Bella Vita, a website hosted by travel planner extraordinaire and freelance writer, Cherrye Moore.

Sandy Frykholm had this to say about the book: “The major highlights [of Naples] are covered, in greater detail than many books offer, and then come the hidden corners of Naples that you would never find on your own, like Mauro the glove-maker’s factory, and Japanese restaurant recommendations.

Barbara has also included some practical travel information about safety, driving, staying healthy, and using public transportation. Her advice on greeting Italians is spot on: A little Buon giorno will take you a long way in Italy!”

Frykholm writes at The Italian South. She has a special interest in medieval history, and is working on a novel set in southern Italy.

Finally, at Armchair Traveler, Jim McDonough writes: “My wife and I visited Naples in the spring of 2008, as members of a Rick Steves tour group. This tour did something no other Rick Steves group had ever done before, which was to stay a couple of nights in Naples itself. Steves did not recommend staying in Naples, but instead encouraged people to stay in Sorrento and day trip into Naples. Why? He felt the city was too gritty and dangerous for regular tourists to stay there and have a good experience…

But I would not have had any concern at all had I read Barbara Zaragoza’s new book, The Espresso Break. This is an amazing piece of work. It wears the label of a Travel book, but it is so much more – there is Italian history, Roman history, Greek history, archeology, art history, Italian culture, WWII history, several very interesting looking recipes, restaurant recommendations, hotel recommendations, and a fairly cogent explanation of current Italian politics. And, oh, yes, an incredible amount of information about Naples and surrounding areas.”.