Eating Italy: My Italian Food Tour

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fried artichokeOver on FBG they’re talking all things travel this week — from packing like a pro to the vacation workout, they’ve got it covered. For me, the best part of vacation isn’t the R&R but the eats!

There’s no doubt that history, architecture and art are major parts of Italian culture, but surely the nation’s most brilliant tour de force is the food. Hoping to get a better sense of the local restaurant scene, on my recent Roman holiday I chose to participate in a moving feast through one of the less touristy areas of the city.

My Taste of Italy tour started outside the original city limits of Rome, in the Trastevere neighborhood. Our guide, Valerio, called this area home and referred to it as the real Rome. Buildings here date back to medieval times and a maze of cobblestone streets led us from one fabulous eatery to the next.

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