Is CBD Oil Legal in Pennsylvania?

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CBD oil has been gaining popularity for its potential health benefits, but the legality of it varies by state. If you live in Pennsylvania, you may be wondering about the laws surrounding CBD oil. In this article, we’ll discuss: is cbd oil legal in PA, the Pennsylvania CBD laws, including the difference between hemp-derived and marijuana-derived CBD and what makes hemp-derived CBD products legal in the state. Stay informed and make informed decisions about using CBD oil in Pennsylvania.

CBD oil has fast become one of the most sought-after products in the USA, and now  that it is legalized just about everywhere in the USA, it will continue to rise in popularity. Other cannabis products – and in some cases, cannabis itself – have been legalized in certain states, so what is the status of CBD oil and cannabis products in Pennsylvania?

It is important that we distinguish between CBD oil and medical marijuana – a strain of cannabis that can be legally used by persons with certain conditions. CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a compound of the cannabis plant. Legally, CBD oil must be made from a strain of cannabis known as ‘industrial hemp’. This form of cannabis is very low in traces of THC, which is the psychoactive element in cannabis, the compound that gives us the ‘high’. 

There are dispensaries on the high street of certain cities where you can buy CBD oil – you’ll find details of these at CBD Oil Geek which is an authority site covering all aspects of CBD oil, its benefits and legality across the USA – but the best way to buy it is at an online dispensary.

CBD Oil and Cannabis Laws

The CBD Oil laws relating to Pennsylvania were put into place in 2016. The law made it legally possible to get a license and grow and trade industrial hemp. This means that CBD oil, which is the main constituent, is legal in Pennsylvania. Also, certain agencies and educational establishments within the state are now permitted to grow and harvest industrial hemp for research. 

Cannabis, however, is an entirely different matter. In 2018, a bill was passed that permitted the sale of medical marijuana to patients who qualify. The qualifying conditions include suffers from Cancer, Chron’s Disease, epilepsy and many more ailments, as well as those who suffer from seizures and PTSD. This is just a small selection of the conditions that apply. So far, there are almost 13,000 patients who are registered as using medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, and that figure will surely rise. So far, there are almost 13,000 patients who are registered as using medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, and that figure will surely rise.

As for recreational cannabis, it is illegal to smoke or possess cannabis in the state of Pennsylvania. Possession of 30g of cannabis carries a sentence of 30 days in jail; for more than 30g, you may be sentenced for as long as a year in jail, and have to pay a fine of $5000. 

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Pennsylvania

We mentioned earlier that there are bricks and mortar retailers at which you can buy CBD oil. However, it’s notable that the only ones we found listed are in the major cities such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. It’s clear that the best and easiest way to buy CBD oil is to order it from one of the many online CBD dispensaries. 

There are a few factors you need to look for when choosing your online CBD oil dispensary. Make sure they are open and up-front with regard to where the CBD oil was grown, and for legal reasons, ensure that you are buying a product made from industrial hemp, and that the dispensary is licensed by the state.

CBD oil has many uses – and as research into the product is ongoing, there may be more to come – and is used by people who are looking for pain relief, who have trouble sleeping, and also those who suffer from anxiety and depression. Check out CBD Oil Geek for all the information you need on CBD oil in Pennsylvania – and also in the rest of the USA – and make sure you buy a quality product.