Iconic Destinations To Visit on Your Next Road Trip

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Hitting the open road is the ultimate form of adventure. It’s even better when you know exactly where you want to go to enjoy the journey. We have gathered some iconic destinations that you’re sure to love. Check out some of these stops on your next road trip.

Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls is a great destination for nature lovers to visit in New York. Some people may not realize that this famous waterfall is in a state park, meaning there are several hiking trails to enjoy.

Guests can ride the Niagara Falls Trolley if they want to receive a guided tour of the area. Park professionals operate the trolley with eco-friendly gas to help preserve the area’s beauty.

For those who have their passports handy, you can use this unique opportunity to travel to another country, seeing as Niagara Falls shares a border with Canada. You can walk or drive there when using the Rainbow Bridge.

Tillamook Creamery, Oregon

Foodies everywhere will consider the Tillamook Creamery an iconic destination to visit on their next road trip. Tillamook cheese and ice cream have made their way into grocery stores across the country, so this is a way to learn about their origin.

When you approach the factory, you’re greeted with a large picture of a cow on the outside of the building. From there, you enter the modern creamery and can follow signs to embark on a self-guided tour, which features many hands-on learning experiences to teach you about the cheese-making process.

Another great feature of this destination is the chance to sample some fresh cheese. The Tillamook Creamery recommends you attend during their working hours to see cheese getting created in real-time.

World’s Largest Roadside Attractions in the US

When you’re sightseeing, you’ll want to make a point to visit some of the world’s largest roadside attractions. These are massive models of everyday things, such as cows, clocks, and mousetraps. You can see these from your car, but these destinations are worth making a stop. If you want to see them all, ensure you’re familiar with a few tips on how to save gas money for your next road trip, as these iconic spots are far apart.

Some of the most noteworthy attractions include:

  • Catsup Bottle (Collinsville, IL)
  • Pistachio (Alamogordo, NM)
  • Ball of twine (Darwin, MN)
  • Fire Hydrant (Beaumont, TX)

One of our favorites from this list is the fire hydrant in Texas. In addition to being fully functional, this beauty was designed to help promote the re-release of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, so it’s white with black spots all over it to resemble the lovable dog breed.

Do any of our favorite stops interest you? Let us know where you’ll go on your next road trip!