How To Prepare for Your First Puppy-Training Class

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When you have an out-of-control pup, there’s nothing’s more exciting than the first day of obedience school. However, you and your puppy can’t simply show up unprepared. Part of knowing how to prepare for your first puppy training class is having the right equipment and paperwork.

Know What To Expect

Different training schools offer various styles of dog training, and you should go with what aligns with your pup’s personality. So, while some doggy-schools may practice alpha training, others use positive reinforcement or relationship-based training methods.

Finding the right training method will require some research, but it’s worth it because it means finding the training class that meets your canine’s needs. Some won’t react well when given a stern talking to because they’re a bit sensitive. Since you’re learning too, the training method has to coincide with what you can enforce.

Note What You’ll Need

Sometimes, the trainer will tell you what to bring to the first class when you sign up for training. If this isn’t the case, check out their website or give them a quick call. Some of the most common things you’ll need are:

  • A leash and collar
  • Dog treats
  • Vaccination records

In most cases, your puppy will remain on a leash during obedience class. As they progress, they may be allowed off-leash. Vaccine records are vital at most training schools because they safely allow your puppy to be around other canines. There are many common illnesses in puppies, and some are deadly. By keeping your pet’s records up to date, you protect them and their fellow classmates.

Have Fun During Class

This class is a great time for you and your pooch to bond! Training takes time, so don’t get impatient. Remember, even though the class is for training your puppy, it’s also about having fun Training takes patience and consistency but nothing is stopping you two from having fun in between.

One important part of knowing how to prepare for your first puppy-training class is to keep it exciting for your furry friend. Remember to praise your puppy for a job well done and try again when they don’t succeed.

Have an After-School Plan

When class ends for the day, think up something fun to do together. Don’t continue training the minute you and your puppy return home or they could become bored or get overtrained. Instead, let your puppy outside for a potty break and then take time to decompress with them. Take them for a walk or cuddle with them. Plenty of love from you is in order, especially after a job well done!