How to Master English

The five questions to ask yourself and find the answers to master English effectively

Mastering foreign language is a big deal

Human’s brain is the most amazing and the most complicated thing in the Universe. The brain is supposed to perform difficult operations as that is the only way to improving. Thus, it is extremely useful to challenge your brain constantly, letting it resolve different problems and memorize the new information. Mastering a foreign language is one of the best ways to perfect your brain and to keep it in an active condition. Your brain starts to think differently, it becomes more flexible and its views widen. Even if you have to work hard to achieve what you aimed at, you will be paid off far better.

Learning English can be fun!

Usually, when we hear the word “learn” we imagine the long hours with the textbooks, papers, erased pencils, and sleepy eyes. It sounds boring and scary, so it definitely does not urge people to dive into learning. Fortunately, the learning process evolved remarkably in the recent times. Today we can learn in the interesting, varied, and more effective way. Especially when we talk about learning English. Thousands of movies, millions of songs, an uncountable amount of different videos, books, writing papers, games and so on. So many things can help you to learn English by entertaining. All you have to do id to choose what you are really interested in and use it to improve your language skills.

The five “must-ask” questions to master English:

Learning English is like taking a taxi. You know exactly where you are going; you know how much it will cost and how long it will take. In most cases, the result of taking taxi meet your expectation, as in the end of the ride you are where you wanted to be. With English learning you have to do the same – you have to know the results you are going to get from the learning process. To define that, you must ask these five questions.

  1. Why do I want to learn English? It is important to understand the reason. Maybe, you are going to the vacation and you want to speak with people there; or you are planning to study abroad so you have to pass the international English exams, or you need it to keep your job or get a promotion. Make sure that you understand the reason, as it affects the kind of learning you need. You do not need to practice your essay writing if you need English for vacation.  
  2. How will I use my English? There are two kinds of using: an active and a passive. A passive means that you just perceive the coming in information in English like reading or listening. The main purpose is to understand that information. An active usage presupposes the producing of the information, like speaking or writing papers, letters, essays, reports etc. The purpose here is to be understood.
  3. What are my strengths in my own language? Depending on your strengths in your own language, you will choose the best way to learn English. If you are a good speaker, then practice speaking; if you have strong writing skills, then practice writing essays or ask for professional writing service help at where you can learn the perfect examples of thesis, stories and so on. Thus, you will learn faster.
  4. What are my strengths and weaknesses in English? Grammar, conversation, listening or vocabulary. Figure that out to understand what you have to pay attention to. Work at your weaknesses to become better English speaker.
  5. How much time do I really have? You need to make a commitment about how much time per day will you dedicate to English. Once you have and keep it, you will master English faster. Be honest with yourself. It can be ten minutes or five hours. Make sure that you really spend that time on learning English and you will gradually go towards your aim.