How To Level Up Your Cups of Hot Apple Cider

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In the food and beverage industry, catering to seasonality produces a lot of attraction, especially to those looking to get their dose of seasonal spirit. Plus, it allows your business to explore classic flavors beyond the usual blend.

With winter around the corner, it’s time to incorporate some traditional holiday favorites, such as warm cups of apple cider. This aromatic drink encapsulates fall and winter flavors, making it the perfect cold-weather drink of the season, along with chai tea, hot chocolate, and spiced lattes. Here are some tips and tricks for improving your cups of hot apple cider and leveling up this seasonal specialty in your establishment.

Use Apple Cider Concentrate

Between the ingredient prep and the steeping process, making apple cider from scratch takes time. Apple cider concentrates and powders cut out the more tedious parts of crafting an apple cider concoction. These alternatives simply require you to add water. When it comes to choosing apple cider concentrate vs. powder, the concentrate variation offers better quality and more flavors. Using apple cider concentrates provides you with an in-between solution of fast prep and fresh flavors.

Add Embellishing Flavors

A cider’s identifying flavors stem from its aromatic spices, from star anise to cinnamon and clove, and the drink’s unique tang. Embellishing your cups of hot cider with additional spices and flavors further enhances the drink’s essence and adds a garnish. Popular ways to embellish hot cups of cider include adding:

  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Apple or orange slices
  • Star anise
  • Rosemary twig
  • Whip cream and caramel sauce
  • Cranberries

There are numerous ways to spice up and garnish hot cider. The more you play with aromatic spices, the cozier the beverage. The more tang you add with different fruits, such as oranges and cranberries, the more festive the drink tastes.

Explore Spiked Variations

If you serve cocktails, consider leveling up your cider game with some spiked variations. A hot cup of spiked cider warms the body in various ways. Like mulled wine and toddies, this drink produces a cozy libation that encapsulates the festive spirit and makes for the perfect fireside beverage.

Serve in an Aesthetic Mug

As with any dish served, serving your apple ciders in an aesthetically-pleasing vessel enhances the beverage, its appeal, and the dining experience. Choosing the right mug for your cider changes various aspects of a customer’s enjoyment. Opting for a seasonally-themed mug amplifies the beverage’s festivity. A clear mug shows the rich autumnal colors of the drink, and a wooden board plays into the cozy, woodsy vibes apple ciders embody. Getting creative with how you present and serve your ciders adds to the experience of enjoying a hot cup of apple cider in the fall and winter seasons.

Level up your cups of hot apple cider with these four tips and tricks and enhance how your customers relish this seasonal favorite. Apple cider offers a seasonal beverage that encapsulates coziness and festive spirit. The more you play into the festivities, the more holiday joy you spread.