How to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Your Return to the Office

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If you’re like many people across the globe, you’ve likely spent your days in joggers and other casual wear for months. After all, if you’re only seeing coworkers on Zoom calls (if at all), there’s no real reason to break out your business attire. However, many people—perhaps including you—are preparing to return to the office. Amidst the other factors that can make this transition challenging, the return to less comfortable, but more workplace-appropriate apparel can be enough to make you dread your first day back in the office. With some planning, though, you can ensure both you and your wardrobe are ready to dress to impress. 

Review your existing clothes. 


You may not have put on so much as a pair of jeans in months, but you likely still have some work clothes tucked away from before the pandemic. Take some time to pull them out and see how they’ve fared since you last wore them. Maybe you started a fitness regimen last spring and your old clothes are too big, or your newfound proximity to the kitchen had the opposite effect. You might have found that marijuana was the best way to unwind after a day of non-stop news updates, but the odor has permeated into your office outfits. Figure out which garments, if any, you can wear once more as you return to work. If needed, research how to remove smoke smell from clothes and find the right product to eliminate the smoke odor without transferring the smell of smoke to everything that goes in your washing machine. If any clothes need to be repaired, this is a great time to sort out those details as well. 

Make the transition an easier one. 


There’s only so much you can control when it comes to returning to the office, but your outfit is one piece of the puzzle that comes down to you almost entirely. If you’re worried about setting aside your comfiest clothes, seek out garments that are as soothing to your skin as they are appropriate for the workplace. A detailed Barbell Apparel review may be the best way to get started—their athletic fit jeans and “anything“ pant are as comfortable as they are fashionable—and the latter would fit in perfectly with your work attire. You’ll also find a variety of Barbell Apparel tops to choose from, whether you need a polo, a dress shirt, or anything that falls in between. With comfortable clothing options, you’ll be better prepared to get to work. 

Create a list of potential purchases. 


With a quick Google search, you could find plenty of checklists outlining the best business clothes for women or what workwear is most important for a man in your field. However, going back to the office implies that you’ve been here before, meaning you’ve dressed for the job you have (or want) in the past. Determine what replacements you’ll have to make to restock the appropriate professional attire or think back on the clothing items you always wish you had. You don’t need to buy every possible item in one fell swoop, but you’ll be better able to prioritize your purchases with a list in front of you. 

Invest in pieces that fit well. 


Thanks to factors like vanity sizing and the mass production behind most clothing you’ll find today, it can be remarkably difficult to find clothes with a proper fit. When you do find something that fits well, work to incorporate more of that brand or style into your closet. Or, if you find yourself absolutely in love with a piece that doesn’t fit as well as you’d like, consider taking the time and paying a tailor to give it the fit you’re looking for. However you go about it, finding workwear that feels good and looks even better will give you the confidence you need to head into work and achieve the best results.

Be ready to try new things. 


You might be returning to the same role at the same desk within the same company, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look at this reappearance as a fresh start, at least where your style is concerned. Perhaps you’ll switch from dress pants to skirts or begin wearing a particular type of jewelry. You might add more colorful pieces to your wardrobe or adopt a more minimalist, neutral style. A change to your clothing, however minor it may be, can give you just enough excitement to look forward to your return to work. 

Conference rooms, commutes, and real pants can all make a return to in-person workdays unappealing. With the right wardrobe backing you up, though, you’ll be ready to dress for success and thrive just as much in the workspace as you tried to at home. You’ll look great and feel good—and you might even find that you’re excited to go back to work and show off your refreshed look.