How to Get Free Help If You Don’t Have Money for Expensive Drug Rehabs


Acknowledging substance abuse as a problem that needs to be addressed is the first step in the process of recovering from addiction. But, getting the necessary help to overcome addiction is the major challenge faced by most people battling with a substance abuse problem. Many people decide to quit using addictive substances but have difficulties accessing treatment. Finding and enrolling for most treatment programs requires money that most impoverished addicts don’t have.

Nevertheless, a person can get free help if they don’t have money for expensive drug rehabs. Lacking adequate money to pay for expensive rehab should be a reason to remain in active addiction. Several treatment options are available for people that don’t have money to cater to the cost of treatment.

Reasons for Substance Abuse

Before discussing ways to get free help if you don’t have money for expensive drug rehabs, it’s important to understand why people abuse substances to the point of requiring free drug rehab ( While research is still underway to determine the exact causes of substance abuse, preliminary investigations have pointed out several factors that can prompt an individual to abuse drugs.

Here are some of them:

  • To enjoy a good feeling- Some drugs produce intense pleasure when taken. However, what initially feels like euphoria can be followed by effects that are different from what the drug is intended for. For instance, a stimulant can cause a high that is followed by feelings of self-confidence, power, and increased energy. Opioids, on the other hand, can cause a euphoria that is followed by a feeling of satisfaction or relaxation.
  • To enjoy a better feeling- Some individuals that suffer from stress, social anxiety, and depression can use drugs to lessen their anxiousness. Stress, in particular, plays a major role when it comes to starting using drugs and continuing the habit. It’s also a relapse factor in individuals that are recovering from drug addiction.
  • To enhance performance- Some individuals are under pressure to perform better at work, school, and in sports. This pressure can prompt some people to start using drugs. It can also be the reason why some people continue abusing cocaine and prescription stimulants, as well as, other drugs.
  • Social pressure and curiosity- Some people, especially teens, are at a higher risk of abusing substances due to peer pressure. Teens are likely to engage in risky and daring acts trying to show their friends that they are independent of social rules or parents. Others do it trying to impress friends or colleagues.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, adolescents can also experiment with addictive substances and continue to use them trying to fit in.

Possible Treatment for Drug Addiction

Addiction starts with a typically voluntary decision to use a drug. But, when a person continues using the drug, their self-control ability becomes impaired. Impairment of self-control marks the beginning of drug addiction. And when this happens, it’s time to seek free addiction help to avoid possible fatal effects of overdose or continued drug abuse.

Depending on the drug a person is addicted to, the severity of the addiction, and the duration over which the addictive substance has been used, different treatment approaches are possible. It’s important to know that addiction treatment is not simple. That’s because addiction is defined as a chronic illness. A person can’t just stop using the addictive substance for some days and get cured. In most cases, repeated or long-term care may be required for the addicts to quit using the addictive substances completely.

The goal of addiction treatment is to help a person stop using addictive substance, lead a drug-free life, and be productive at work, family, and in their society. Several approaches can be taken when a person seeks free drug addiction help.

They include:

  • Behavioral counseling
  • Use of medical applications and devices to address withdrawal symptoms or provide skills training
  • Medication
  • Evaluation, assessment, and treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders like anxiety and depression
  • Long-term follow-up and support aimed at preventing relapse

Most rehab facilities provide a wide array of care that is provided via their treatment program and tailored to suit individual patients. They also include both mental health and medical services that individual patients might need. Follow-up care can include family- or community-based recovery support systems.

How to Get Free Rehab

If you are battling alcoholism or drug addiction, you just need to know how to get rehab for free if you don’t have money for the expensive treatment. One way to g   et free rehab is through public assistance programs. These are government-funded programs that provide treatment for substance abuse to impoverished addicts.

Some treatment programs and centers also provide no-cost treatment for addiction. These depend on the charitable contributions of donors, federal, or state funding. That means you can get free treatment for substance abuse by finding the qualification requirements for such programs or centers.

Some facilities provide treatment at no cost for special groups. These may include pregnant women that need help to quit using addictive substances. Some of these facilities are supported by the federal government via SAMHSA grants. SAMHSA is a government agency that is tasked with the responsibility of providing services, resources, grants, and information to help mental health and substance abuse treatment facilities assist individuals that may not afford professional care.

Some individual states have established rehab centers via different levels of funding by the government and other sources. These centers enable some states to provide no-cost or low-cost treatment to their residents that are battling addiction. However, these centers have specific admission requirements that must be met by patients.

The Bottom Line

Having no money is not a reason to let addiction ruin your life. A person that is battling drug addiction can explore several options, including Create Recovery Center. These can provide the assistance they need to beat addiction and lead a sober, healthy life free of the addictive substances.